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How to Easily Record on Spectrum in Two Simple Methods

how to record on spectrum tv app

Spectrum TV is a popular app that offers over 200 live television channels and can be accessed on various devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. If you want to record your favorite shows on Spectrum, you’ll be happy to know that it’s incredibly easy. In this article, we will explore two methods for recording on Spectrum: using the built-in DVR settings and utilizing a third-party recorder.

How to Record on Spectrum Built-in DVR

Many people ask, “Can you record on the Spectrum TV app?” The answer is yes! Spectrum has a built-in Cloud DVR, a reliable device for recording and saving TV programs. With the Cloud DVR, you can schedule recordings or even record entire series. And the best part? You can watch your saved shows remotely.

Before you start recording, access the Cloud DVR on or use the Spectrum TV app on Apple devices, Apple TV, Xbox, and more. Follow these steps to record shows on the Spectrum DVR:

Here is a list of steps for recording on Spectrum DVR:

Step 1. While watching live TV shows on Spectrum, use the DVR settings to record them. Decide whether you want to schedule a recording or record an entire series.

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Step 2. Depending on your preference:

  • To schedule a recording, navigate to the show you wish to record and select the program to view the information page. Then, click “Record.”
  • To record a series, first search for the desired series. Choose the program to view the information page, and then click “Record Series.” You can choose to capture all episodes or just new episodes. Set the start and end times for the recording, and finally, click “Confirm” or “Record.”

record spectrum in dvr

Step 3. Once you’ve finished recording, you have the option to watch or delete your recordings. To access your recorded programs, click “DVR” and then “My Recordings.” Click the “Play” button to enjoy your shows or select “Delete Recording” to free up space.

How to Record on Spectrum on Windows/Mac

Spectrum TV streaming service can be accessed on your computers, allowing you to conveniently watch shows at home. To access TV shows from Spectrum, simply sign in to your account and enjoy your desired channels with a WiFi connection. When it comes to recording streaming shows on a desktop, there’s an even easier method: using a third-party recorder instead of the DVR recorder.

spectrum recording on computer

We recommend using EaseUS RecExperts, a recording software available for both Windows and Mac. With this software, you can record streaming videos along with app and external audio. It also offers a schedule recording function, allowing you to capture series videos. Choose your desired start and end times, just like the streaming platform provides.

Key Features of EaseUS RecExperts:

  • Screen record YouTube TV
  • Record video, audio, and webcam
  • Record Prime Amazon video
  • Take a screenshot without a black screen
  • Support built-in trimmer to edit video
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Try this streaming video recorder on Windows/Mac, and the best part is that no registration is needed!

Follow the below guide to learn how to record shows on Spectrum:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts and choose a recording mode: “Full Screen” or “Region.” For the best experience, we recommend recording the full screen.

Step 2. When recording a video, you’ll likely want to capture the system sound. Simply click on the speaker icon to select it. If desired, you can also enable the “Record silently” function, muting the recording process without muting the video.

Step 3. After configuring the settings, press the red “REC” button to begin recording. If you need to pause the recording, click the white “Pause” button. To stop the recording, click the red “Stop” button.

Step 4. After recording, the recording list window will open, allowing you to view, split, delete, and manage your recorded videos.


Now you know how to record on Spectrum using the built-in DVR and a third-party screen recorder like EaseUS RecExperts. If you primarily watch Spectrum shows on TV devices, the DVR method is ideal. However, if you prefer watching shows on a laptop, a third-party screen recorder like EaseUS RecExperts is the way to go.

Feel free to try EaseUS RecExperts for capturing streaming videos exactly as you like.

FAQs About How to Record on Spectrum

Here are some frequently asked questions about recording on Spectrum:

1. Why can’t I record shows on Spectrum?
There could be several reasons why Spectrum recording may fail. The most common reason is insufficient storage space on the DVR device. To resolve this issue, consider deleting some recordings to free up space. Alternatively, you can explore additional hard disk storage options at

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2. Can you record using Spectrum?
Absolutely! Spectrum offers a built-in DVR device that allows you to record and save shows. It can handle movies, live events, and even series. With Spectrum’s DVR, you can create series recordings or focus on current shows. Rest assured, you won’t miss any shows. Check out Part 1 to learn how to record using Spectrum’s built-in DVR.