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Remove Parental Controls on iPhone without Password

Parental Controls, also referred to as Restrictions or Screen Time, let parents manage what their kids can access on their iPhones. These controls are useful for keeping children from accessing age-inappropriate applications, content, and features. But what happens if you forget the password for these controls? Fortunately, there are ways to remove parental controls on an iPhone with or without a password.

How to Remove Parental Control on iPhone with Passcode

If you can recall the password you used when enabling the parental controls, removing them is quite straightforward. Follow these steps:

For iOS 11 or Earlier Versions:

  1. On your iOS device, tap Settings and select General.
  2. Click Restrictions.
  3. Enter the passcode you set before.
  4. Select Disable Restrictions and then enter your passcode again to complete the process.

turn off parental controls

For iOS 12 or Latest:

  1. On your device, launch the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and press Screen Time.
  3. Tap Turn Off Screen Time.
  4. Enter the passcode you set before and tap Turn Off Screen Time to confirm.

turn off parental controls

How to Remove Parental Control on iPhone without Passcode

If you can’t recall the parental controls password, there’s still a way to remove them without resetting your device. Thanks to technology, you can now use a tool called iMyFone LockWiper to turn off parental controls even if you can’t remember the restrictions passcode.

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The great thing about iMyFone LockWiper is that it doesn’t erase your data while removing parental controls. The tool helps you recover the parental control’s passcode so that you can use it to remove parental control on your iPhone.

How to Remove Parental Controls on iPad/iPhone without Passcode:

Check the video guide below:

We also have a detailed guide with pictures on how to remove parental lock on iPhone and iPad using LockWiper:

Step 1: Download and install LockWiper on your computer (Mac or Windows PC). After launching the tool, use your USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2: On the LockWiper Home screen, select Unlock Screen Time Passcode.

Step 3: Tap Start to Unlock on LockWiper. The tool will load your iPhone’s data.

Note: If your device is below iOS 12, it will start recovering the passcode of the parental control on your device when you click Start to Unlock.

Step 4: When LockWiper finishes analyzing your iPhone’s data, it will automatically initiate the process of removing your Parental Passcode.

When using LockWiper to retrieve your passcode, you don’t need to worry about your privacy.

How to Restore iPhone to Remove Parental Control

If you can’t recall the passcode and none of the above methods work for you, there’s still another option. Be aware that this method will result in losing all your data. Here’s how to do it:

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Step 1: Make sure Find My iPhone is turned off (or remember the iCloud password).

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to your computer using the USB cable and launch iTunes. Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes.

Step 3: In the Summary tab, tap Restore iPhone. On the popup that appears, click Restore.

Step 4: Follow the onscreen steps and set up your device after the reset.

Restore iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I remove parental controls on an iPhone without the password?
A: Yes, you can. By using tools like iMyFone LockWiper, you can remove parental controls even if you can’t remember the password.

Q: Will removing parental controls erase my data?
A: No, using tools like iMyFone LockWiper will help you remove parental controls without erasing your data.

Q: What should I do if I forget the parental controls passcode?
A: You can either use iMyFone LockWiper to recover the passcode or restore your iPhone, but note that restoring your iPhone will result in data loss.


If you’re looking to remove parental controls but can’t remember the passcode you used, this article has provided you with solutions. The recommended solution is iMyFone LockWiper, which helps you remove parental controls without a passcode and without losing your data. You can try the free trial version before making a purchase.

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