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How to Reset iPhone 11 without Passcode – 3 Quick Solutions

Forgetting your iPhone 11 passcode doesn’t mean that you’re completely locked out. You’re permitted to reset iPhone 11 without passcode to get it unlocked. This rule is the same when you fail to remember the lock screen passcode and disable your iPhone 11 after tapping the incorrect password in a row for more than five times.

Factory reset iPhone 11 without password – 3 Ways

One point before proceeding: The following steps work the same to reset an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro (Max) without knowing password.

Way 1: Use a tool to factory reset iPhone 11 without passcode or iTunes

Ordinarily, you can reset your iPhone 11 right in the Settings app. However, it gets tough when you forgot passcode on iPhone 11 or the device is locked or disabled. For this, iPhone Unlocker can work it out to reset and unlock an iPhone 11 without passcode.

This tool has archived all versions of iOS software firmware and embedded the clear on-screen instructions to let you unlock and access your device and do a factory reset without any passcode or password. That way, all that’s left to do is pressing some buttons as prompted to reset the device.

Step 1: Open the application

Once downloaded, install and run the software. In the opening screen, click the blue panel labelled Wipe Passcode. Then, hit Start button to continue.


Step 2: Plug your iPhone 11 into the computer

Here, you’re required to connect iPhone 11 to the computer. If the device has been ever synced to the machine, the tool should detect it instantly along with displaying the device information.

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If not, enter into recovery mode in your iPhone 11 – no passcode or password is needed.

  • Unplug the cable from the device.
  • Turn it off by holding both the Side button and either Volume down button.
  • Then, keep pressing the Side button while attach the device to the computer again.
  • Release the button when the screen shows a cable pointing to computer. It’s in recover mode.

After the software recognizes the device that you need to reset successfully, manually select the correct the device category and type.

Step 3: Get the iOS firmware package

Next up, check out the device information again and hit Start button to download the latest iOS version.

Step 4: Reset passcode on iPhone 11

When the download process completes, you’ll see an Unlock Confirmation screen. Enter “0000” in the appointed area and press the Unlock button.

It’ll trigger the resetting process by erasing everything on the phone. After removing the passcode from iPhone 11, use the Setup Assistant to activate the erased device. You can also restore the content if you have a backup during the setup process.

Video Tutorial for how to unlock iPhone 11 without passcode:

Way 2: How to unlock iPhone 11 passcode without computer – iCloud

If you’re having trouble accessing a computer, check out Find My iPhone feature in iCloud. It offers you the Erase iPhone option for resetting iPhone 11 passcode. Make sure you still remember the Apple ID and password, which will be required to factory reset a locked iPhone 11 without password using iCloud.

Step 1. Navigate through using any browser on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID and password to log in. This should be identical with the one you use to sign in with iPhone 11 you want to reset.

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Sign in to Find My iPhone on with the Apple ID credentials to reset your device.

Step 3: On the bottom of the screen, choose your iPhone 11 from the list to reset.

Your device should be listed in Find My iPhone in

Step 4. Tap Erase iPhone from the bottom of the screen.

Tap “Erase iPhone” option to reset and unlock iPhone 11 after forgetting passcode.

Step 5. When asked if you need to erase your iPhone 11, tap Continue and enter your Apple ID password again.

All the data and settings will be erased after you confirm to reset disabled iPhone 11 without password.

Then, your iPhone 11 will be reset to its factory settings as long as it’s online.

If you don’t enable Find My iPhone before your iPhone is unavailable or locked, this trick won’t work to bypass iPhone 11 passcode. You’ll need to use iPhone Unlocker above, or iTunes in the next part to reset your device without entering passcode.

Way 3: How to factory reset a locked iPhone 11 without password – iTunes

Aside from the Settings app, you can also directly factory reset your iPhone 11 in iTunes (or Finder). Connect your iPhone 11 to its syncing computer, locate your device and then click Restore iPhone button to reset.

If iTunes (or Finder) asks for the passcode that you can’t remember or enter, or the computer has never been used to sync with your iPhone 11, place the device in recovery mode and then do a reset.

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Step 1: Activate recovery mode.

  • Make sure there’s no cable connected to your device.
  • Hold the Side button and Volume up/ down button to power off the device.
  • When the screen goes black, reconnect the device to the computer while holding the Side button.
  • When the screen indicates you to connect to computer, let go of the button and you’re in recovery mode.

Enter into recovery mode to use iTunes or Finder to get into iPhone 11 without passcode.

Step 2: Click your device in iTunes (or Finder). Then, hit Restore button in the prompted message.

The Restore option will erase all the data and content on your device and reset it.

All is done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I reset my iPhone 11 without knowing the passcode?
A: Yes, you can. There are several methods, including using iPhone Unlocker, iCloud, or iTunes, that allow you to reset your iPhone 11 without knowing the passcode.

Q: Will resetting my iPhone 11 erase all my data?
A: Yes, resetting your iPhone 11 will erase all the data and settings on your device. It is recommended to create a backup before performing a reset.

Q: What should I do if I forgot my Apple ID password?
A: If you forgot your Apple ID password, you can reset it by following the instructions provided on the Apple website. Make sure to have access to the email associated with your Apple ID.


Resetting your iPhone 11 without a passcode is possible with the help of various methods such as iPhone Unlocker, iCloud, or iTunes. These methods allow you to regain access to your device and reset it to its factory settings. Remember to create a backup of your data before performing a reset to avoid any loss of important information.