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Why Samsung Cloud Failed to Restore All App Settings?

how to restart samsung phone from settings

Have you experienced frustration when restoring app settings from Samsung Cloud? Are you wondering why it hasn’t restored all your app settings, including app data? You’re not alone. Many Samsung users have encountered similar issues, including the inability to retrieve their desired settings. In this article, we will explore this problem and provide potential solutions to help you restore everything seamlessly.

The Predicament: A Lost Layout and Glitching Phone

Let’s dive into a user’s experience to understand the gravity of the situation. The user accidentally cleared the home launcher app data, hoping to restore it from Samsung Cloud. However, not only did the user face the same issue as you, but the phone also started behaving erratically.

The phone became glitchy, with apps closing unexpectedly and notifications vanishing randomly upon touch. Additionally, the keyboard would appear unexpectedly or disappear while typing. The device became significantly slower, freezing for the first time in three years of usage. To complicate matters further, the apps restored from the backup were now recognized as third-party apps. They showed Samsung Cloud backup as their source, preventing the user from accessing the app information as usual. Moreover, these apps seemed to be installed permanently, making it impossible to uninstall them.

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Intriguingly, further investigation using apps like Ghost Commander revealed alarming details. The apps displayed creation dates from December 31, 1969, and some even had peculiar Android bot icons. The user’s preferred launcher app, Apex Launcher, started behaving strangely as well. It removed apps from the app drawer, moved or deleted apps from the home screen, and exhibited other unusual behaviors.

The Quest for a Solution: Uninstalling Unwanted Apps

Now that we understand the gravity of the situation, let’s explore potential solutions. After weeks of diligent effort to retrieve the lost app data, the user reluctantly accepted that a complete restoration might not be possible. However, as a consolation, the user managed to capture screenshots of their original page layouts and noted the synced Samsung browser tabs and pages. While not a perfect recovery, at least some critical information was salvaged.

However, the user still encountered another problem. Uninstalling certain apps, which should have been possible, proved to be challenging. These apps, installed through Samsung Cloud, had taken root on the user’s device and seemed to be causing issues on their network. The frustration mounted as the user’s Windows 10 device also encountered problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Samsung Cloud fail to restore all my app settings?

A: Samsung Cloud, like any cloud-based service, is not infallible. There are several potential reasons for this issue, such as compatibility issues, incomplete backups, or technical glitches.

Q: Can I manually uninstall the unwanted apps installed by Samsung Cloud?

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A: While manually uninstalling these apps can be challenging, there are workarounds available. You can try using third-party applications or seek help from Samsung support to resolve this issue.

Q: How can I prevent similar issues in the future?

A: To safeguard your data, it is crucial to maintain regular backups using multiple methods, such as Samsung Cloud, Google Drive, or local backups. Additionally, consider using reliable third-party backup solutions to enhance data security and redundancy.


Losing app settings and encountering glitches after restoring from Samsung Cloud can be a frustrating experience. While complete restoration may not always be possible, it’s essential to explore alternative solutions to salvage critical data. Remember to maintain regular backups using a variety of methods to avoid such predicaments in the future.

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