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How To View Comments On Facebook Ads?

The comments section of a Facebook post is something everyone should pay close attention to. One of the biggest perks of social media for a business is the opportunity to interact with customers directly, which can be done through direct messages and comments to posts.

A lot of the time, however, brands tend to overlook the importance of the comments section, usually letting the conversation move along on its own. And since the comments on Facebook ads or even Instagram ads aren’t as easily accessed as the ones on organic posts, the former types of comments can be ignored altogether.

Here’s why that’s not good, and how you can see comments to Facebook ads.

A Short Guide to Viewing Facebook Ads Comments

Comments on your organic posts are public and easy to see on your page, but why aren’t the ones on your Facebook ads the same?

Well, Facebook ads are not included on your timeline as regular Facebook posts. You can boost a post and increase its visibility with a small budget, but for the most part, your ads are kept separate from your Facebook posts.

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To see the comments on your Facebook ad, follow these steps:

  • Visit your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Select the All Campaigns dropdown, and click on All Ads
  • Select the ad you want to check for comments. Click on it to show the Ad Preview
  • Click View post permalink with comments

This will open a tab with the ad, where you can see all the likes, shares, and the comment section.

Why You Need to Keep an Eye on the Comments

People leave comments for a variety of reasons, and it’s not always to get a reply from you. However, when you run a Facebook ad and want your target audience to take a particular action (such as buy something, sign up, install an app, etc.), the comments could be a way to encourage users to take that action.

Responding to comments can help:

  • Make a sale – comments that are directly about your offer, product, or service can help you encourage people to take the desired action, such as to click ads for increased website traffic or follow your page;
  • Improve trust – responding to comments shows users your page, and therefore business, is active and may help establish better trust with audiences who don’t know you yet;
  • Do some damage control – negative comments are unavoidable, and responding to them can help reduce their effects.

What Should You Do About the Bad Comments?

Dark post comments are always a source of anxiety for any Facebook marketing team member, and there isn’t really a magical fix to them. Sometimes, Facebook users will leave negative comments about your business, the ad, the product, or whatever else they feel like.

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The big question many have is whether to ever delete comments or not. And the answer is: it depends. Negative feedback on your post or business is an opportunity for you to bring your side of the story to the conversation. When you respond to comments, you’re not just interacting with the individual who posted it – other users who see the ad will see your answer as well. And that’s important to remember when it comes to negative comments. So take them as an opportunity to provide extra context for everyone.

Comments that can be considered spam or that are insensitive in any way, however, could be deleted without much worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I view comments on my Facebook ads?
A: To view comments on your Facebook ads, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Select the All Campaigns dropdown, and click on All Ads
  3. Select the ad you want to check for comments. Click on it to show the Ad Preview
  4. Click View post permalink with comments

Q: Why are comments on Facebook ads not easily accessible?
A: Facebook ads are kept separate from regular Facebook posts and are not included on your timeline. To view comments on Facebook ads, you need to access them through the Facebook Ads Manager.

Q: Why is it important to respond to comments on Facebook ads?
A: Responding to comments on Facebook ads can help you make sales, improve trust with your audience, and manage negative feedback more effectively.

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Viewing and engaging with comments on your Facebook ads is a crucial part of your social media marketing efforts. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable interactions with your audience. Remember to respond to comments in a timely and professional manner, leveraging negative feedback as an opportunity to provide context and build trust. Stay active and responsive in the comments section to enhance your brand’s reputation and drive better results from your Facebook ad campaigns.

For more information on social media marketing and how to improve your business’s online presence, visit Eireview.