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How to Find Someone’s Profile on Tinder without Opening an Account: 7 Easy Methods

With over 26 million Tinder matches made every day, it’s no wonder why you might want to find someone’s profile on Tinder. But what if you don’t have an account? Is it even possible to find someone on Tinder without opening an account? The good news is, it is possible! In this article, we will explore seven easy methods to help you find someone’s Tinder profile without the need to create an account.

1. Use Tinder’s URL

One method you can try is using Tinder’s URL on a web browser. Simply open an internet browser, type “” in the address bar (replace “username” with the person’s actual username), and press Enter or click search. This will redirect you to the person’s Tinder profile.

2. Do a Google Search

Google can be a useful tool to find people on Tinder for free. Although the results may not always be accurate, it’s worth giving it a try before resorting to a paid service. To perform a Google search, go to and type “ @username” in the search box. Press enter and wait for the results.

3. Find Someone on Tinder by Email Address (PeopleLooker)

If you have the person’s email address, you can use PeopleLooker to help you find their Tinder profile. Simply go to PeopleLooker’s website, click on “Email Search” in the search bar, enter the email address, and click “Search”. Select a subscription plan and enter your payment details to access the report.

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Enter the email address and click Search

4. Use Name to Search for A Profile (BeenVerified)

Another method is to use the person’s name to search for their Tinder profile. BeenVerified is a service that allows you to do just that. Go to BeenVerified’s website, type in the person’s first and last name, and click “Search”. Provide additional details if prompted or click “I’m not sure”, then enter your details and choose a plan. Select a payment method and enter your details to get the report.

Type in the person's name

5. Find Someone on Tinder by Image (Social Catfish)

Social Catfish offers a reverse image search tool that can help you find someone’s Tinder profile using images. To use this tool, go to Social Catfish’s website, click on “Image” to perform an image search, click on the search bar that says “Start Here: Search an Image”, choose an image from your computer, and click “Open”. Enter your payment details for the subscription to access the report.

6. Discover Someone’s Tinder Profile by Phone Number (Intelius)

If you have the person’s phone number, you can use Intelius to search for their Tinder profile. Go to Intelius’ website, click on “PHONE”, enter the person’s number, and click “SEARCH”. Verify your age, select a subscription plan and payment method, and get your report.

How to Find Someone's Profile on Tinder without Opening an Account: 7 Easy Methods

7. Borrow Someone’s Tinder Account

If all else fails, you can try borrowing someone else’s Tinder account to search for the user you’re looking for. Simply open Tinder, tap on “Settings” or the gear icon, under “Discovery Settings” add the person’s location, select “Global” under Language, adjust the “Maximum Distance” search area, choose the person’s gender under “Show Me”, and set the “Age Range” to match your search. Keep in mind that you will need to be cautious while using someone else’s account, as it is not yours.

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Final Thoughts

Searching for a specific user on Tinder without an account can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By leveraging browsers, search engines, look-up sites, and even borrowing someone’s Tinder account, you can increase your chances of finding the Tinder profiles you’ve been searching for. We hope that the tips and methods provided in this article will help you in your search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for a specific person on Tinder?

No, searching for a specific person on Tinder is not possible unless you have matched with them. The app does not provide a search feature for specific users.

How to find someone on Tinder by using Instagram?

To find someone on Tinder using their Instagram account, you can check if their Instagram profile is linked to their Tinder profile. Another option is to gather information from their Instagram and use it for reverse search lookup tools.

How to find someone you have unmatched with on Tinder?

If you have unmatched with someone on Tinder, you cannot find them again within the app. You would need to create a new account to see their profile again.

Does Tinder show inactive profiles?

Yes, Tinder does show inactive profiles unless they have been deactivated by the account owner. Inactive profiles will still appear as potential matches.

Does the Tinder profile stay active after deleting the app?

Your Tinder profile remains active even after deleting the app because you did not deactivate your account. Other Tinder users may still see your pictures and information.

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