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How to Set Sleep Timer for Music on Android and iPhone

A lot of us love listening to our favorite music, audiobook, or even a podcast on our smartphones to relax before going to sleep. However, sometimes we end up falling asleep while the audio is still playing, which can be a nuisance and drain our phone’s battery. Fortunately, you can set a sleep timer for music on both Android and iPhone devices. Let’s explore how you can do it.

Set Sleep Timer on Android

If you own an Android smartphone that does not run stock Android, chances are your device manufacturer has implemented the sleep timer feature in their music player app. However, stock Android comes with Google Play Music, which does not have a built-in sleep timer. But don’t worry, there are plenty of sleep timer apps available on the Play Store that allow you to stop audio after a set time from any app. One popular option is the Sleep Timer (Turn music off) app, which is free. Here’s how you can set up a sleep timer for music on Android using the app:

  1. Install the Sleep Timer app from the Play Store.
  2. Play audio from any music player, audiobook app, or podcast app.
  3. Set the timer using the circular icon in the Sleep Timer app.
  4. Tap the “Start” button to start the timer.
  5. Once the timer starts, you can choose to put your device to “Sleep Now” or stop the timer.
    Start Sleep Timer Android
  6. You can also play music directly from the app using the “Start & Player” button.
  7. Control or extend the timer from the notification center.
    Control Sleep Timer notification Android
  8. When the timer runs out, the app smoothly fades off the audio, putting your device to sleep.
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The Sleep Timer app has additional settings like shake to extend, default player selection, and actions after the audio stops. It also offers integration with Tasker and root functionality for rooted devices. However, please note that the app may only mute some music players on non-rooted devices. Alternatively, you can install a third-party music player with built-in sleep timer support.

Set Sleep Timer on iPhone or iPad

iOS devices natively include the ability to set a sleep timer on music, although many people are not aware of this feature. Here’s how you can enable it:

  1. Open the Clock app on your iOS device and go to the “Timer” tab.
  2. Set the desired time after which you want the music to stop playing.
  3. Select “Stop Playing” under the “When Timer Ends” option.
    iOS Clock Sleep Timer Music
  4. Tap on “Set” to save the sleep timer settings.
  5. Start the timer and play music from the Music app or any other music, podcast, or audiobook app.
  6. When the timer reaches zero, the audio will automatically stop playing.
    iOS start sleep timer for music

If you’re not satisfied with the native Clock app method on iOS, you can install a third-party music player app that includes the sleep timer feature. Many feature-rich music and audiobook apps offer sleep timer functionality, such as Google Play Music, Pandora, and Audible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any sleep timer apps available for Android?
A: Yes, there are several sleep timer apps available on the Play Store. One popular option is the Sleep Timer (Turn music off) app.

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Q: Can I set a sleep timer for music on iPhone?
A: Yes, iOS devices have a built-in sleep timer feature. You can use the Clock app to set a sleep timer for music.

Q: What happens when the sleep timer ends?
A: When the sleep timer reaches zero, the audio will stop playing, allowing you to sleep peacefully without worrying about music playing all night.


Setting a sleep timer for music on Android and iPhone devices is a simple and effective way to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Whether you use a dedicated sleep timer app or the native features of your device, you can easily control when the audio stops playing. Try out these methods on your device and enjoy a good night’s sleep without any disturbances. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.