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Eireview – Protect Your Discord Server with Verification

how to set up verification on discord


For many, the anonymous nature of Discord is more of a feature than a bug. In some cases, this anonymity has caused issues with government officials due to the leakage of classified documents. While the stakes may not be as high for DevRels, anonymity can create hurdles when trying to tie effort to business value. To address this, a Discord verification bot can be utilized. In this article, we will show you how to use Common Room to set up a Discord verification bot to protect and add value to your server.

What you’ll need

  • Common Room account

Step 1: Connect a Discord server to Common Room

To begin, log in to your Common Room account, go to the source settings menu, and select “Connect Discord”. Confirm the Discord channels you want to import and proceed with the import. Common Room will create a member for every user joining your server and allow you to filter members by Discord role.

Step 2: Configure “Unverified” and “Verified” Discord role permissions

Next, configure the roles of users and verified users on your Discord server. Create a new role for verified members and set the necessary permissions. Additionally, create new categories or channels for the verified members and set the category permissions to be a “🔒Private Category”.

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Step 3: Automate member verification with workflows

In this step, create a new workflow for Discord member verification in Common Room. Select your server and the channel you want to use for verification. Set up an automated message and button text to send new members when they join your server. Finally, set the role to “Verified Member” and save the workflow.

Discord member verification workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I verify members through email?
    Yes, you can verify members through email by giving them more permissions as verified members.

  • What happens if a member fails verification?
    If a member fails verification, they will not be granted access to additional channels.

  • Can I automate welcome messages to verified members?
    Yes, you can automate welcome messages to verified members using the workflows in Common Room.


By following these steps, you can protect your Discord server and add valuable verification measures. This tutorial only scratches the surface of what is possible. With Common Room, you can automate various tasks and enhance the functionality of your Discord server. Sign up for a free Common Room account today and explore the possibilities.

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