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Verification Required on App Store? How to Bypass!

Every time you try to download and install a free app on your iPhone, the App Store keeps saying verification required and asks you to input a payment source. This can be frustrating and prevent you from completing the installation. So why does the App Store keep saying verification required? And how can you fix this issue? In this article, we will uncover how to get rid of verification required on the App Store so you can enjoy a seamless app downloading experience.

Why Does the App Store Keep Saying Verification Required?

If your App Store keeps saying verification required, there could be several reasons behind this error. Here are some possible causes:

  • Reason 1: You have an unpaid balance on your iPhone.
  • Reason 2: You haven’t updated your payment method as required by Apple.
  • Reason 3: You have never downloaded a paid or free app on your iPhone before.
  • Reason 4: There is something wrong with the current payment associated with your Apple ID.

Understanding the reasons behind the verification required message can help you troubleshoot and fix the issue more effectively.

How to Remove Verification Required on App Store

If you’re wondering what to do when the App Store says verification required, there are a few ways to bypass this error message on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Here are the steps to fix the verification required issue:

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Method 1: Change or Update Apple ID Payment

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID.
  2. Tap Payment & Shipping. You might be asked to sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Tap Add Payment Method, enter the new payment method details, and then tap Done.
  4. Tap Edit and select the red delete button next to the old payment method, then tap Delete.

Method 2: Check and Pay the Unpaid Balance

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID.
  2. Tap Media & Purchase and select View Account to access the Account Settings page.
  3. In the Account Settings section, tap Purchase History and find any item with an outstanding balance.
  4. Tap the unpaid subscription and pay it to complete the process.

Method 3: Disable Require Password in Restrictions

  1. In Settings, tap on Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  2. Under Content & Privacy Restrictions, tap on iTunes & App Store Purchase.
  3. Select Don’t Require and tap on In-app Purchases, then select Allow.

How to Fix App Store Verification Required

By following the aforementioned methods, you can remove the verification required message from the App Store. However, it’s important to note that you will need your Apple ID password for these solutions. If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, there is an alternative way to bypass the verification required error in the App Store without the password.

One option is to use MagFone iPhone Unlocker, a tool designed to help users resolve various Apple ID-related issues. This tool can not only remove the verification required message on the App Store but also delete the screen time passcode, MDM lock, and screen passcode. Follow these steps to fix the App Store verification required error using MagFone iPhone Unlocker:

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Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer and Open MagFone

Open MagFone iPhone Unlocker on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. On the main interface of the MagFone software, select the Remove Apple ID option and click on the Start button.

Step 2: Confirm Two-factor Authentication and Screen Passcode

If the Find My iPhone feature is disabled on your iPhone, you can skip this step. However, if it’s enabled, you need to confirm that the two-factor authentication and screen passcode are turned on.

Step 3: Download and Verify the Firmware Package for iPhone

After confirming the device, check if the device information is correct. If there are any inaccuracies, you can manually correct them. Then click on the Download button to download the firmware for your iPhone.

Step 4: Start Fixing Verification Required on App Store

Once the download is complete, click on the Unlock button, and MagFone iPhone Unlocker will fix the App Store issue of being stuck on verification required. Keep your iPhone connected to the computer until the process finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my App Store keep saying verification required?

A: The App Store may ask for verification required due to unpaid balances, outdated payment methods, lack of previous app downloads, or issues with the current payment associated with your Apple ID.

Q: How can I fix the verification required on the App Store?

A: You can fix the verification required issue by changing or updating your Apple ID payment, checking and paying any unpaid balances, or disabling the password requirement in restrictions.

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To fix the verification required error on the App Store, follow the methods mentioned in this article. Whether you update your payment method or pay any outstanding balances, these solutions can help you bypass the verification required message. However, if you can’t remember your Apple ID password, consider using MagFone iPhone Unlocker to remove the Apple ID from your device and resolve the issue without the password. Enjoy hassle-free app downloading on your Apple devices!