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How to Turn off Screen Time without Passcode

how to turn off screen time without passcode for free

Normally, screen time enables you to know how much time you or your kids spend on apps or websites. And you can set various limits on each app for your kids so as to better manage your child’s device. However, how do you get rid of screen time if you forgot the passcode or entered the wrong one? This guide will be of great use to you, especially when you can’t remember the passcode. Referring to the proven measures in this post, you will learn how to turn off screen time without a passcode easily and quickly.

How to Turn Off Parental Controls on Any iPhone

On an iPhone, disabling Screen Time (parental controls) on Settings is a straightforward way.

  1. Open Screen Time in Settings
  2. Click your Child’s Name
  3. Tap Change Screen Time Passcode or Turn Off Screen Time Passcode
  4. Authenticate it with Touch ID, Face ID, or your device passcode.

How to Turn off Screen Time without Passcode without Data Loss

You may have set up a screen time lock for a long time and fail to recall the passcode to turn it off. Or you bought a second-hand iPhone that still has the screen time lock activated, but you don’t know the account and password. So, how do you disable screen time in these situations?

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To remove the screen time passcode, you can try using AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker. As a complete iPhone password unlocking software, AnyUnlock’s Unlock Screen Time Passcode function can help you solve how to get rid of screen time without a passcode completely and quickly. The best part is that, your photos, messages, and other important data will still remain on your device. No data will be lost after using AnyUnlock to remove screen time.

Below are the steps for turning off screen time without a passcode using AnyUnlock:

Step 1. Run AnyUnlock on your computer and connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer. Choose the Unlock Screen Time Passcode option on the right.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone or iPad device to the computer via a USB cable and click on Unlock Now to get rid of screen time.

Step 3. AnyUnlock will ask you to back up your iPhone and encrypt the backup.

Step 4. After the analysis, AnyUnlock will remove your Screen Time Passcode.

How to Turn off Screen Time without Passcode by Apple ID

Besides using the powerful screen time password removal tool, some users may also want to know how to turn off screen time without a passcode for free. Fortunately, they can disable it using the Apple ID. To use this method, your device must be running iOS 13.4 and above.

Here are the steps to turn off screen time passcode by logging out of iCloud. It is important to note that Screen Time is associated with your iCloud. Therefore, if you log out of your iCloud, this feature is automatically turned off. By logging out of iCloud, if your device is running iOS 14, you can turn off Screen Time without a passcode.

  1. Open iCloud settings on your iPhone and then click “Sign Out”.
  2. Once you’ve signed out by following the on-screen steps, open Settings > Screen Time.
  3. Click “Turn off Screen Time”.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides how to hack screen time, some users have other confusions related to Screen Time and its password. Let’s answer them one by one.

What Is Screen Time and How Does It Work?

Screen Time, also known as parental control password, is a feature that Apple rolled out with the release of iOS 12. It allows you to set the amount of time you can spend on the screen of your iOS device and prevent you from using certain features. This feature is useful for parents or company administrators who want to set limits on apps and device usage.

How to change screen time passcode?

You can change the screen time password directly in Settings. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Settings > Select Screen Time option > Click Change Screen Time Passcode button > Press the button again to confirm.
  2. Enter the old Screen Time password > enter the new password > enter the new one again to confirm.

What happens after 10 failed screen time passcode attempts?

If you have tried 10 times and failed, you will be asked to try again after 60 minutes. You can still use your device as normal, except for disabling screen time.

What Should You Do After Resetting the Screen Time?

Once you disable Screen Time on your iPhone, your device will no longer log your activities and you will not get to know your usage stats. It is advised to keep the feature turned on. After you have reset the Screen Time, you can re-enable it on your iPhone by heading to Settings > Screen Time.

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Disabling screen time without a passcode is possible with the right tools and methods. Our guide above should help you disable this feature without stressing your mind trying to recall your password. If this guide works for you, please share it with your iPhone user friends. If you want to remove your screen time passcode without any data loss, give AnyUnlock a try. And if you want to recover your screen time passcode, PhoneRescue is also a good choice. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.