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How to Turn Off Voicemail Features on iPhone

Voicemail can be an inconvenience for many iPhone users, whether it’s due to extra charges, time-consuming messages, or simply playing phone tag. If you’re looking to disable your voicemail service, there are several methods you can try. In this article, we’ll explore different ways to turn off voicemail features on your iPhone. So let’s dive in!

Using Phone (MMI) Codes to Deactivate Voicemail

One of the quickest and easiest ways to turn off voicemail on your iPhone is by using MMI codes. These codes allow your phone to communicate with your mobile service provider and change certain settings, including voicemail. For example, dialing ##004# from your phone’s app can disable your conditional call forwarding settings, which your voicemail relies on. However, not all mobile service providers support these codes, so you may need to explore alternatives if this method doesn’t work for you.

Phone App

Try Disabling Voicemail from your Phone App

Some iPhones offer the option to disable voicemail directly from the Phone app. This feature is available for carriers that support native visual voicemail. To access this option, open your iPhone’s Phone app, which is represented by a white phone icon on a green background. Look for a section related to voicemail settings within the app or check your service provider’s phone app settings for more information.

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Access your Voicemail Settings via the Settings App

Another way to disable voicemail is through the settings app on your iPhone. Nearly all iPhones have a settings tab dedicated to voicemail, where you can customize your voicemail preferences. However, the availability of specific settings may vary depending on your service provider and location. If you can’t find the option to deactivate voicemail, try looking for your conditional call forwarding settings or check out instructional videos online for assistance.

Disable your Voicemail via Settings

In some cases, you may find an option to disable voicemail services directly within the voicemail settings on your device. Look for options like “Deactivate” or “Turn Off” and select them to disable your voicemail function. Remember that you can always re-enable voicemail services if you change your mind.

Use an Alternative Voicemail System

Instead of completely turning off voicemail, you may consider using an alternative voicemail system like Vxt. With Vxt, your voicemail messages are transcribed and displayed in an email-like interface, allowing you to quickly read and prioritize them without spending hours listening to each message. You can also access caller details and message content without dialing a number. Additionally, Vxt offers features like smart voicemail greetings and voicemail-to-email, helping you save time and stay organized.

Contact your Phone Provider Directly

If you’re unable to deactivate voicemail manually, you may need to contact your mobile service provider for assistance. Call your provider’s helpline, which you can find on their website or billing information, and speak with a representative who can help you disable voicemail. Alternatively, you can register your profile on your provider’s website and make the necessary changes in your account settings. This saves you time and eliminates the need for a phone call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why would I want to disable voicemail on my iPhone?

    • A: Some people disable voicemail to avoid extra charges, save time, or prevent phone tag situations.
  • Q: Can I disable voicemail using MMI codes?

    • A: MMI codes can be used to disable voicemail, but not all mobile service providers support these codes.
  • Q: How can I check if my voicemail has been successfully disabled?

    • A: You can test your voicemail by having someone call your number and seeing if they are prompted to leave a message. If there is no voicemail option, then you have successfully disabled voicemail.


By following these methods, you should be able to turn off voicemail features on your iPhone. Whether you choose to use MMI codes, phone app settings, or alternative voicemail systems like Vxt, you have control over managing your voicemail preferences. Remember to test your voicemail after making changes to ensure it has been successfully disabled. Now you can enjoy a voicemail-free experience on your iPhone!

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