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Two Efficient Ways to Unlock Your Dell Inspiron Laptop Without the Password

Did you forget your Dell Inspiron laptop password and find yourself locked out? Being unable to access your laptop can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you need to use it urgently. You may even consider resetting your Dell laptop to factory settings, but this can result in data loss. So, what should you do in this situation? Fortunately, we have two efficient methods to unlock your Dell laptop without the forgotten password.

Method 1: Unlock Your Dell Inspiron Laptop with an Installation Disk

When you find yourself locked out of your Dell laptop and have forgotten the password, check if you have a corresponding Windows Setup disk. Don’t worry; we’re not asking you to reinstall the system with the setup disk. Follow the steps below to unlock your Dell laptop password with the setup disk.

Step 1: Boot your Dell laptop from the Windows setup disk

  1. Insert the Setup disk into your Dell laptop.
  2. Start or restart your Dell laptop and press F12 immediately and repeatedly until the Boot Menu box appears.
  3. Use the Up/Down key to select CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive (or USB Storage Device if booting from a USB drive), and then press Enter.

Step 2: Replace “magnify.exe” with “cmd.exe”

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Regardless of whether you’re using Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10 on your Dell laptop, the steps are similar. Just follow the steps below:

  1. When the Windows installation screen appears, press “Shift + F10” to bring up the Command Prompt window.

  2. Run the following command to replace “magnify.exe” with “cmd.exe”:

    c: cd windowssystem32 ren magnify.exe magnify1.exe ren cmd.exe magnify.exe

    Image 1

  3. After running the command above, eject the installation disk from your laptop, type in: wpeutil reboot, and press Enter to restart your Dell laptop.

Step 3: Remove Your Dell Inspiron Laptop Password with a Command

  1. When your laptop boots to the Windows login screen again, click on the Ease of Access icon.

  2. Select the item “Make items on the screen larger (Magnifier)” and then click OK.

    You will notice that the Command Prompt window pops up. Don’t be surprised; it’s because you replaced “magnify.exe” with “cmd.exe” using the command above.

  3. Remove your Dell laptop password with the following command: net user coco "".

    Image 2

    Note: “coco” is my user account name. Remember to change it to yours.

  4. Restart your laptop again. When you go to the logon screen, click on your user account, and you will find that your Dell laptop is unlocked without entering a password.

  5. Finally, remember to boot your laptop from the setup disk again and change back the “magnify.exe” to “cmd.exe” using the following command:

    ren magnify.exe cmd.exe ren magnify1.exe magnify.exe

Method 2: Unlock Your Dell Laptop with a Password Reset Disk

If you have previously created a password reset disk for your Dell Inspiron laptop, you can easily use it to unlock your laptop password.

  1. Go to your Dell laptop’s Windows login screen, enter any incorrect password in the text box, and press Enter.

  2. You will be prompted that the user name or password is incorrect. Click OK and then click on “Reset password” below the password text box.

  3. Insert the password reset disk and select it on the Password Reset Wizard. Click Next.

  4. You can either type in a new password to reset your Dell Inspiron laptop password or leave the password text box blank. Click the Next button directly, and you can unlock Windows without a password.

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Don’t have a password reset disk? Don’t worry; you can easily create one yourself.

Step 1: Create a Password Reset Disk with a Password Tool

  1. Prepare a writable USB. Don’t have a USB? Borrow one from your friend or colleague. If you have important data on the USB, remember to remove it to a safe place since the USB will be formatted before creating a password reset disk.

  2. Go to an accessible computer with an internet connection, download a Windows Password tool, and install it on the computer.

  3. Start the Windows Password Tuner tool, plug the writable USB into the computer. Select USB device and click on Begin burning.

    Did you receive the message “Burning successfully”? If yes, it means the password reset disk has been created, and you can use it to recover your Dell laptop password now.

Step 2: Set Your Dell Laptop to Boot from the USB Password Reset Disk

  1. Insert the USB password reset disk into your problematic Dell laptop.

  2. Start or restart your Dell laptop and press F12 immediately and repeatedly to access the Boot Menu.

  3. Select the USB Storage Device and press Enter.

Step 3: Reset Your Dell Inspiron Laptop Password to Blank

  1. If everything goes right, the Cocosenor Windows Password Tuner program will appear.

  2. Select your Windows version and your user account name on your laptop.

    • If your laptop has Windows Vista, select Windows Vista.
    • If your laptop has Windows 7, select Windows 7.
    • If your laptop has Windows 8/8.1, select Windows 8/8.1.
    • If your laptop is running Windows 10, select Windows 10.
  3. Click on Reset Password. You will receive a notification that the password will be set to blank. Click Yes to proceed.

  4. Click on Reboot. You will be prompted to eject the removable device. Remove the USB disk and click Yes to boot your laptop.

  5. This time, your laptop will boot normally to the logon screen. Try clicking on your user account, and you will access your Dell laptop without a password.

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