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Are you facing an issue with your Google Nest device? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to resolve your problem with the help of the Google Nest support team. So let’s get started!

Contact Nest Support

The first step is to reach out to the Nest support team. You can contact them through live chat or by using their phone numbers. It is essential to get in touch with them, as the following steps require their assistance. They will provide you with the necessary guidance to resolve your issue.

Gather Information

During the chat or phone call, the Nest support agent will gather essential information from you, including the device serial number. If you are unable to locate the serial number on your device, don’t worry, the support team can still proceed without it.

Receive Special Files

Once the agent has gathered the necessary information, they will email you a special file. You need to connect your Nest device to your computer using a USB cable and place this file on the device. For example, if you are using a Windows 10 PC, your Nest device will appear as drive F: in the file explorer. Take note of a file called “Technical info.plist” on your device. This step will save you time later in the process.

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Copy Reset File

Next, the agent will email you a file named “ResetToDefaults.dropbox”. Copy this file to your Nest device. At this point, you should have two files on your device: “Technical info.plist” and “ResetToDefaults.dropbox”.

Rename the File

Open the Command Prompt on your Windows computer by pressing the Windows key + R to open the “run” box, and then type “cmd”. In the command prompt window, switch to the drive letter of your Nest device (e.g., F:). Rename the “ResetToDefaults.dropbox” file to simply “.dropbox”. It is important to perform this step through the command prompt instead of using Windows Explorer.

Final Steps

After renaming the file, close the command prompt by typing “exit” on the command line. Disconnect your Nest device from the USB cable. The device will reboot, and during the boot process, it will detect the “.dropbox” file, which will reset it to its factory default, unlocked state. At this point, your Nest device will behave like a new device, fresh out of the box. Proceed to set it up as you would a new device.

Now you know how to resolve common issues with your Google Nest device. Remember, it is crucial to connect with Nest support for assistance with the special files and instructions. The entire process typically takes around 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I resolve Nest device issues without contacting support?

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Unfortunately, no. The steps mentioned in this article require the assistance of Nest support. They will provide you with the necessary files and instructions to resolve your issue.

Q: How long does the entire process take?

On average, the process takes around 30 minutes. However, the duration may vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the speed of communication with the support team.

Q: Is it necessary to know the device serial number?

While it is recommended to provide the device serial number during the support interaction, the Nest support team can still assist you even if you are unable to locate the serial number on your device.


Resolving issues with your Google Nest device is easy with the help of the Nest support team. By following the steps outlined in this article and connecting with their support, you can quickly get your device back to its optimal state. Remember to visit Eireview for more informative articles on the latest technology trends.