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How to Recover a Forgotten Photo Vault Password

Have you ever accidentally uninstalled a photo vault app, only to realize that all your precious photos saved on it are now gone? Losing access to your photos can be devastating, especially if you’ve forgotten your password. But fear not, because in this article, we will explore different methods to help you recover your forgotten Photo Vault password on both mobile phones and computers.

Recovering a Forgotten Photo Vault PIN

Photo Vault is a popular app that allows users to hide and lock their photos, videos, and other media files on their devices. While it’s essential to remember your PIN code, we understand that sometimes we forget. In such cases, you can still recover your Photo Vault content on iOS and Android devices. Here are a few solutions:

Solution 1: Recover a Forgotten Photo Vault PIN on iPhone

If you are an iOS user, there are three solutions available to recover a forgotten Photo Vault PIN:

  • Use iTunes Backup: If you have previously backed up the Vault app to iTunes, you can restore the app using the backup. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, and select the relevant backup to restore.
    photo vault forgot password on iPhone - using iTunes

  • Use iCloud Backup: If you have backed up your iPhone on iCloud, you can restore your Photo Vault and recover your forgotten password. Start by factory resetting your iPhone and selecting the “Restore from iCloud Backup” option during setup.
    recover photo vault from iCloud

  • Use Third-party Tools: If you haven’t backed up your Photo Vault app on iTunes or iCloud, you can use third-party iPhone data recovery software to retrieve your lost images. Visit the App Store and find the right iOS data recovery software for your needs.

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Solution 2: Recover a Forgotten Photo Vault PIN on Android

Android users also have three methods to recover a forgotten Photo Vault PIN:

  • Use File Manager: If your Photo Vault data is stored in the dot file format, you can use a File Manager software to recover your photos. Download a File Manager app and easily retrieve your photos from Photo Vault.

  • Use Vault App: If you haven’t deleted the entire app from your Android phone, you can recover your photos using the Vault app. Open the app, go to Menu > Manage photos or videos, select the photos you want to recover, and click on the Restore button.

  • Use Third-party Tools: Similar to iOS, you can download Android data recovery software from the Play Store to retrieve your Photo Vault content without a password.

How to Protect/Lock Photos on a PC or a Phone

Now that you know how to recover a forgotten Photo Vault password let’s explore how you can protect and lock your photos on your PC and phone.

How to Lock Photos on a Windows PC

To hide, lock, and protect photos on your Windows PC, you can use EaseUS LockMyFile. This military-grade encryption software allows you to hide and lock folders, including your photos. Here’s how you can lock your photos using EaseUS LockMyFile:

  1. Launch EaseUS LockMyFile and set up a software protection password.
    Set up password

  2. Click “Locking File” on the right side and choose “Lock Files.”

  3. Select the file(s) you want to lock and click “Open” to confirm.

How to Lock Photos on a Phone

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While EaseUS LockMyFile isn’t available for mobile users yet, both iOS and Android offer built-in methods to lock photos.

Lock Photos on iOS Devices

If you have an iPhone, you can lock or hide photos using the Photos App:

  1. Open the Photos App and tap on the Select button.
  2. Select the photos you want to hide.
  3. Tap on the Share Menu button, scroll down to the Hide option, and confirm.

Hidden photos will be moved to the Hidden album in the Photos App.

Lock Photos on Android Devices

For LG and Samsung Android phone users, you can easily lock your photos using built-in features:

  • Samsung users: Go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure Folder. Sign in to your Samsung account and upload photos to your secure folder.
    lock photos on android

  • LG users: Go to Settings > Fingerprints and Security > Content Lock. Set a security PIN, open the Gallery app, and tap on Menu > More > Lock to hide your photos.
    lock photos on LG

If you are not using an LG or Samsung device, you can use a File Manager or third-party vault app to lock your photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to recover a forgotten Photo Vault password?
A: Yes, you can recover a forgotten Photo Vault password using backup options or third-party tools.

Q: Can I lock my photos on a Windows PC?
A: Yes, you can use encryption software like EaseUS LockMyFile to lock your photos on a Windows PC.

Q: How can I lock my photos on my phone?
A: Both iOS and Android devices offer built-in methods to lock or hide photos. You can use the Photos App on iOS or Secure Folder on Samsung and Content Lock on LG for Android devices.

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Losing access to your photos due to a forgotten Photo Vault password can be distressing. However, with the right solutions, you can recover your lost photos and protect them from prying eyes. Remember to use backup options, encryption software, or built-in features to secure your photos on both mobile phones and computers. So, never worry about losing your precious memories again, and lock your photos with confidence.

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