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How to Use Snow, the Snapchat Like App

Calling the Snow app Snapchat-like is an understatement. The app, developed by Camp Mobile, is a blatant rip-off of Snapchat but does that make it bad? Well, certainly not! The app has gained a lot of traction, especially in China, where it’s one of the most downloaded apps ever. The reason behind this is that Snapchat is banned in China. While Snow might be heavily inspired by Snapchat, the app is a pretty capable offering. So, if you are looking for a Snapchat-like app because it’s not available in your country or if you are looking for a Snapchat alternative for any other reason, you can give Snow a shot.

Setting up Snow on your iPhone or Android smartphone

You can download the Snow app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free. The first time you open Snow on your smartphone, the app will ask you to login via Facebook or Line or you can sign up with your email account. After you are signed in, the app will ask you to set up your username and enter your phone number.

Snow app login

Once done, the app will search your contact list for friends that might be using Snow. Then, the app will show you a very cool video showing off the app’s skills. You can just tap “Start” to skip it and go to the app.

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Snow app start up

Use the Snow app

The moment the app opens up, the first thing you will notice is the app’s UI, which is almost identical to Snapchat with a few minor changes. Similar to Snapchat, the app opens up with the camera. It also features pages for stories & snaps, which are available at a swipe to the left or right. The only major difference in the UI is the fact that the Settings page on Snow is available from the chats page. That’s innovation!

Snow Snapchat like UI

Now that we have talked about the Snow UI in brief, let’s get to using the app:

  • Send a Snap/Video

Like Snapchat, you can just tap on the capture button to take a snap or press hold it to capture video. You can even add filters and check out cool, funny lenses. The good thing is, Snow features a ton of original lenses along with lenses similar to Snapchat, like the dog lens or the face swap lens. Moreover, the app also features various data filters that you can apply to the picture along with the ability to add text, emojis, and doodle on a photo. Snow also features a cool GIF mode, which is great considering GIFs are the trend these days on social media.

Snow lenses and GIF mode-compressed

  • Share a Snap/Video

Snow lets you share your snaps or videos with your friends or add them to your “story”, but the good news is, the app even lets you share snaps to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Line. The snaps added to “My Story” are available for 48 hours, compared to 24 hours on Snapchat. You can also add videos to “LIVE”, which makes them available for 24 hours, after which they disappear from the feed with no history.

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The snaps sent to friends are self-destructing in nature, and you can set the timer, just like you would on Snapchat. Also, the app notifies you when a screenshot is taken.

  • Chat with your friends

Even the messaging features of Snow are pretty similar to Snapchat. You can send texts, video notes, snaps, stickers, but you cannot send pictures from the Gallery. Also, you cannot make video calls from Snow, which is another feature that’s available on Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Snow available for download on both iPhone and Android?

A: Yes, Snow is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Q: Does Snow have a story feature like Snapchat?

A: Yes, Snow has a story feature where you can add snaps and videos that are available for 48 hours.

Q: Can I share snaps from Snow to other social networks?

A: Yes, Snow allows you to share your snaps to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Line.


Well, you must have noticed how similar Snow is to Snapchat when it comes to the user interface as well as the features. While Snow lacks a few features compared to Snapchat, it also brings some of its unique touches. However, Snow’s unique touches are far and few. Well, if you have free time or you really want a Snapchat alternative, give Snow a shot, and you might even end up liking it.

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