Wednesday, 29 May 2024

You Need to Change Your Instacart Password Right Now

instacart reset password

Now would be a good time to change your Instacart password.

The grocery-delivery service is in hot water after an investigation found that the information of hundreds of thousands of its users is being sold on the dark web, including transactions and personally identifying information. Instacart says its investigation into the incident so far has not uncovered a breach but rather suggests that the information was accessed as a result of reused passwords.

Dark Web Sellers Offering Instacart Data

BuzzFeed News reported that dark web sellers in two different stores were selling information from as many as 278,531 Instacart accounts. However, it is unclear if all the accounts were genuine or if some may have been duplicates. The information being shared includes names, email addresses, order histories, and the last four digits of credit cards, all for the low price of $2 per user. The report also mentioned that the data seems to reflect recent transactions as recent as this week. BuzzFeed was able to confirm that the information matched those of several Instacart shoppers they reached out to.

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Reused or Recycled Passwords

Instacart is currently attributing the incident to reused or recycled passwords, a common security failure that can result in compromised credentials. The company stated on Twitter that their investigation has shown no evidence of a compromise or breach on the Instacart platform. Instead, they believe the incident is a result of credential stuffing, which is a technique used by malicious third parties. Instacart is taking action by resetting the passwords of users who may have been affected by third-party credential stuffing. They advise concerned customers to change their Instacart password in their account settings to a unique password that they do not use on any other apps or website accounts.

Instacart’s Response

Instacart has been actively investigating the exposed data since becoming aware of the issue. Regarding credit card information, Instacart clarified that they do not store full credit card details but only the last four digits. However, they did not comment on the claim made by a BuzzFeed reporter that one customer said they do not reuse passwords.

Take Action Now

Whether or not the data originated from a breach of Instacart’s system, it’s a good idea to change your password immediately if you have an active account with the platform. Additionally, it is highly recommended to consider using a password manager to enhance your online security.

Stay safe and protect your personal information!