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What Is Reset Statistics on iPhone & What Does It Do

is it good to reset statistics on iphone

If you own an iPhone, you’ve likely come across a setting in the Settings app called Reset Statistics. It can be found under Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Usage. While it may not be a widely discussed topic, understanding what this option does and when to use it can be beneficial.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Reset Statistics on iPhone is and how it can help you manage your data usage effectively to avoid overage charges.

What Does Resetting Data on iPhone Do?

Resetting data statistics clears all existing data usage information, allowing you to start monitoring from scratch. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to track their data usage over a specific period or reset their usage statistics monthly to align with their billing cycle.

It’s essential to note that Reset Statistics does not erase any content, apps, or settings from your iPhone. It only resets the usage information displayed in the Cellular or Mobile Data and Wi-Fi settings, such as cellular data usage and Wi-Fi usage.

What Does Resetting Network Statistics Do?

Resetting network statistics clears all network-related information, including Wi-Fi and cellular signal strength, the number of sent and received data packages, and call times. However, it doesn’t impact your saved Wi-Fi networks, passwords, or any other personal information.

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This feature comes in handy when troubleshooting network connectivity issues, such as slow internet speeds, dropped calls, or difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi networks. By resetting the statistics, you’ll start with a fresh slate, allowing you to monitor your network performance more effectively.

What Is Usage Statistics on iPhone?

iPhone’s usage statistics provide valuable insights into how you use your device. They cover various aspects, including battery usage, data usage, and network connectivity. Monitoring this information can help identify apps that consume excessive data or battery power and troubleshoot network connection issues.

To access the usage statistics on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Battery, Settings > Cellular or Settings > Mobile Data, and Settings > Wi-Fi.

How Do I Reset My Statistics on My iPhone Data?

You have the freedom to reset your statistics whenever you choose. However, experts generally recommend doing so at the beginning of each billing cycle to obtain the most accurate assessment of your data consumption.

It’s important to note that if you’re looking to erase your data completely, such as when selling your iPhone, simply resetting the statistics won’t suffice. In such cases, you will need to perform additional steps. If you have further questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Understanding the Reset Statistics feature on your iPhone empowers you to take control of your data usage and optimize your device’s performance. By regularly monitoring your usage and making necessary adjustments, you can not only avoid unexpected charges but also maximize your iPhone experience.

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