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Is VNC Encrypted? How to Improve VNC Security

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a popular remote access system used for various purposes such as technical support, equipment monitoring, and distance learning. However, the question that often arises is whether VNC is encrypted and how to improve its security.

Understanding VNC Encryption

The VNC graphical desktop-sharing system operates a remote machine across a network using the Remote Frame Buffer (RFB) protocol. While VNC itself does not provide encryption by default, there are ways to enhance its security.

VNC Security

VNC Vulnerabilities

When it comes to VNC security, there are several vulnerabilities to consider. Multiple popular VNC implementations, including TightVNC, UltraVNC, and TurboVNC, have been found to have security failures dating back to 1999.

Most vulnerabilities are associated with improper memory utilization, which can result in service denial, unauthorized access to devices, or even injection of malware. Attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities through two main attack vectors:

  • Attacking the VNC server on the same network to gain unauthorized access and run code with server privileges.
  • Using a compromised VNC client to attack the user’s computer by exploiting the client’s security flaws.

VNC Vulnerabilities

Enhancing VNC Security

To ensure VNC connections are secure, it is important to implement additional security measures. Here are some recommendations:

  • Choose a unique and complex password when creating your VNC account, avoiding using the same password for other online services.
  • Consider purchasing an Enterprise subscription that offers high-level security techniques and enable 2-step verification.
  • Regularly check for and update all remote access programs, including VNC, to ensure they are up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Disable remote access when it is not required to minimize potential vulnerabilities.
  • Connect only to trusted and tested VNC servers.
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AnyViewer: A Secure VNC Alternative

If you are concerned about VNC security risks, consider switching to a secure VNC alternative like AnyViewer. AnyViewer offers end-to-end encryption using a sophisticated 256-Bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm. It has never experienced a data security incident and provides additional security features for businesses, such as privacy mode.

With its intuitive interface, AnyViewer is easy to use and allows for unattended access, file transfer, and multiple sessions. Follow these steps to install and use AnyViewer:

Step 1. Create a new account and log in on the host machine.
Log in AnyViewer

Step 2. Use the same account to log in on the client computer.

Step 3. Access the list of assigned devices and choose the device you want to connect to. Click “One-click control” to establish the connection.

Note: If you have more than two remote PCs, consider upgrading your account for additional benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is VNC secure?
A: While VNC itself is not encrypted by default, you can enhance its security by following the recommended steps and considering alternatives like AnyViewer.

Q: What are the vulnerabilities of VNC?
A: VNC vulnerabilities include improper memory utilization, which can lead to service denial, unauthorized access, and malware injection.

Q: How can I make my VNC connection secure?
A: To make your VNC connection secure, choose a strong password, keep your remote access programs up to date, and connect only to trusted servers.


VNC is a convenient remote access system, but its security risks are well-known. To ensure the safety of your remote computer access, consider using a secure alternative like AnyViewer. By implementing additional security measures and following best practices, you can protect your data and privacy during remote connections.

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