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A Running List of Innovative Ways Brands Utilize Klaviyo’s Facebook Integration

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Email marketing and paid social media advertising are both powerful channels in their own right. Klaviyo, a leading marketing platform, allows brands to leverage the strengths of both channels through their seamless Facebook integration. In this article, we will explore 7 innovative ways in which brands have utilized Klaviyo’s Facebook integration to increase marketing efficiency and drive business growth.

1. Creating Self-Refilling Funnels

Ecommerce marketing agency Agital used Klaviyo’s Facebook integration to create an outstanding lead generation campaign for a jewelry company client. By targeting a lookalike audience based on the brand’s existing email list and continuously refreshing the audience with new leads, they were able to build a self-refilling funnel. This strategy allowed the client to generate hundreds of leads per week and significantly grow their email list at an average cost per lead of less than $1.

2. Promoting In-House Brands to Loyal Customers

Sneaker Politics, an omnichannel boutique, uses Klaviyo’s Facebook integration to target their brand loyalists – customers who have purchased their in-house clothing line, Politics, in the last 6 months. By directly uploading their target audience to Facebook, Sneaker Politics is able to hit their sales goals earlier and shorten the learning phase of Facebook’s algorithm.

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3. Showing Ultra-Responsive Lead Generation Ads

Melbourne-based workwear retailer Cargo Crew ran a successful lead generation campaign on Facebook, offering a $1K chef uniform makeover as a prize. Klaviyo’s automatic lead ingestion feature ensured a seamless and responsive customer experience. As soon as users shared their email addresses, they received instant confirmation of their entry and began receiving automated nurture emails tailored to the contest. This streamlined process resulted in 764 high-quality contest entries within 5 weeks.

4. Creating Lookalike Audiences for Apparel Campaigns

Sneaker Politics faced a challenge when promoting their women’s apparel on Instagram and Facebook. Since they didn’t collect gender data during checkout, targeting women specifically was difficult. However, with Klaviyo’s Facebook integration, they were able to segment email addresses based on predicted gender and create a lookalike audience of predicted women. This level of filtering allowed Sneaker Politics to reach the exact audience they wanted and improve ad spend efficiency.

5. Driving Ecommerce Customers to Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Agital collaborated with a clean beauty brand launching in Target stores. To support in-store sales, they used Klaviyo’s Facebook integration to retarget customers who had bought products that were now available at Target. By optimizing for click rates and email bounce rates, Agital achieved a 4% click rate and observed a bounce rate below 30% on the store locator landing page. The successful campaign resulted in Target selling out of its first purchase order from the client within a month.

6. Cross-Selling Specific Shoe Styles

Sneaker Politics often needs to promote specific shoe styles in one specific colorway. Klaviyo’s Facebook integration allows them to create a segment of customers who have purchased that particular shoe in the past 6 months and use it as a seed for a lookalike audience. This strategy helps them target a niche audience and has proven to be profitable, with an acquisition cost of about $12 per customer.

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7. Re-Targeting Buyers with Post-Purchase Care Tips

Cargo Crew sends a post-purchase flow highlighting their workwear care guides to customers who have made bulk orders. Thanks to Klaviyo’s Facebook integration, Cargo Crew can re-target these customers with Facebook ads featuring the same care tips. This post-purchase campaign not only enhances the customer experience and promotes sustainability but also generates substantial revenue, with a 29.9x return on ad spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Klaviyo’s Facebook integration?
A: Klaviyo’s Facebook integration connects email marketing and Facebook advertising, allowing brands to leverage the strengths of both channels for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Q: How can Klaviyo’s Facebook integration help businesses?
A: By using Klaviyo’s Facebook integration, businesses can advertise to specific segments, build lookalike audiences, automate lead generation, and create personalized flows for specific campaigns. This integration enhances marketing efficiency and drives business growth.

Q: Can Klaviyo’s Facebook integration be customized for different business needs?
A: Yes, the ideal use case for Klaviyo’s Facebook integration may vary for each business. The integration offers flexibility and can be tailored to suit different marketing strategies and goals.


Klaviyo’s Facebook integration has revolutionized the way brands approach email marketing and Facebook advertising. By unifying these two powerful channels, businesses can target specific segments, automate lead generation, and create personalized marketing flows. The innovative ways in which brands have utilized Klaviyo’s Facebook integration demonstrate its effectiveness in increasing marketing efficiency and driving business growth.

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