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Persona 5 Guide: Madarame Boss

madarame boss fight

Enter back into the palace and assess your team. If you don’t have Morgana with you, pick him up, as Media will be very helpful in the upcoming fight. Return to the Upper Main Hall Safe Room and walk up to the crane lever. A short and awesome cutscene will play.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After the madness is finished, run up the ladder and help Morgana off the hook. Time to get out of here, so run across the rafters and toward the back wall. Exit out the back window and begin your descent down the building. When you reach the courtyard, the boss fight will begin.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Madarame will split into four separate pieces to start the encounter: a right eye, a left eye, a nose, and a mouth. Each piece has its own elemental properties and abilities. Similarly, each piece has several things that can damage it and at least one that heals it. Experiment with your different elements until you have a decent idea of what hurts what.

  • Tip: Use abilities that hurt multiple pieces at once. By doing this, you will inadvertently heal one piece, but that will make little difference in the long run. When there are only one or two left, focus them down with abilities that will actually hurt them. After the pieces fall, the real boss emerges.
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Attack the now open Madarame. Use everything at your disposal. Try using abilities that debuff Madarame’s defenses for multiple turns or buff your allies. Use physical Persona attacks to deal massive damage to the painter. Eventually, he will return to his separated form.

Now the pieces will be able to reform if you don’t take them all out quickly enough. If you are bursting most pieces down and saving one or two for last, this won’t be much of an issue for you. However, Madarame will also start covering your allies in black paint, making them vulnerable to all damage. Keep them healed up or use items to either cleanse them or revive them if they fall.

Continue the process again to reveal Madarame. Nothing has really changed here, so keep doing as much damage as you can. When he splits off again, the team will notice buckets of black paint off to the side. Send Yusuke to go grab them and continue fighting the pieces as normal. In a few turns, Yusuke will smear the paint all over the pieces, making them weak to everything. Reveal Madarame again and finish the fight.

This fight is fairly easy as long as you are spending most of Morgana’s turns using Media or other healing/cleansing abilities. Take your time and don’t be too precious with your items. Once he falls, Yusuke gets to have a little revenge.

Q: How do I defeat Madarame in Persona 5?
A: To defeat Madarame in Persona 5, focus on targeting the separate pieces first and then attack Madarame when he is vulnerable.

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Q: Which abilities should I use in the Madarame boss fight?
A: Use abilities that debuff Madarame’s defenses or buff your allies. Use physical Persona attacks to deal massive damage.

Q: How can I prevent my allies from getting covered in black paint?
A: Keep your allies healed up or use items to cleanse them or revive them if they fall.

After the palace is finished, you will have your remaining free time to wait for the change of heart, but first, go to sleep and have a little chat with Igor.

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