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Persona 5 Madarame Guide: Solve The Feet Puzzle And Defeat Shadow Madarame

madarame feet password

After escaping from Kamoshida’s Castle, the next palace of Persona 5 is Madarame’s Museum of Vanity. It’s a pretty confusing dungeon with a number of riddles. Of course, Madarame is quite troublesome himself. Read on if you’re stuck on the second boss in Persona 5.

Madarame is Yusuke’s foster dad, but more importantly, a total narcissist and a phony artist. One of Madarame’s puzzles involves a password to a control terminal. Eavesdrop on a conversation between the guards outside and you’ll learn the key to the password has something to do with feet (fetish, much?).

Solve the Feet Puzzle

The second clue to the puzzle will require your party to head back to the start, at the Treasure Lounge where you encounter a mini-boss. Inside the Treasure Lounge, walk over to a giant golden statue of Madarame and examine it. A plaque located at Madarame’s feet reads “1120,” which is the password to the control terminal.

With Madarame’s feet puzzle solved, you will be able to unlock more areas in the Museum of Vanity.

Defeat Shadow Madarame

Eventually, you’ll encounter Shadow Madarame himself, the second Persona 5 boss fight. After a long cutscene that reveals what a vile human being he is (and the truth behind the Sayuri painting), Madarame transforms into four separate paintings that make up his face.

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In order to stand a better chance against Shadow Madarame, be sure your party is at least at level 16, have physical attacks capable of attacking entire groups, and also possess resistance to elemental damage. SP management is also important in your battle against Madarame, so be sure you’re carrying plenty of SP recovery items. Morgana’s Media ability will also be useful in healing the whole party at once.

Now, Madarame’s Right Eye uses elemental attacks like Fire, Ice and Lightning. Meanwhile, his Left Eye uses Debuffs to lower your party’s defense and attack power. The Nose uses Wind attack and will do a lot of damage to the party if you notice it is twitching. Finally, the Mouth uses strong physical attacks so be sure you heal often.

Not only do the different paintings deal different attacks, but they also take damage differently too – the eyes and nose are weak against physical attacks, but anything else will cause it to heal. Meanwhile, the mouth is weak against elemental attacks while any other attack will also cause it to heal. Try to take out the eyes and nose first and deal with the mouth last.

If you thought taking out the paintings is the end the battle, you’re wrong. Madarame will return to his human form and continue to taunt at the kids. Continue with physical attacks until you take away a third of his health, which causes Madarame to return to his painting form once again.

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While the paintings deal the same attacks and have the same weaknesses as before, one painting can get restored when another is destroyed. Because of this, the party must attack paintings in groups and take them out at the same time. It is your choice to either destroy the mouth first and then destroy the eyes and nose or to ignore the mouth and focus your physical attacks on the nose and eyes. Both eyes and the nose should be destroyed at the same time. You’ll also notice Madarame’s painting will deal a new attack that attacks a single party member with black paint, which renders the character weak against all affinities. Be sure to get your health items ready.

The mouth won’t immediately restore the other parts of the face, so begin your barrage of elemental attacks on it. It will restore one of the pieces eventually, but the painting will not return to full health – allowing you to destroy the painting again in one or two attacks.

Finally, Madarame’s human form appears. Once again, keep attacking until you take him down.

For a gameplay guide of the Persona 5 Madarame boss fight, check out the video by Boss Fight Database below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I solve Madarame’s feet puzzle?

    • A: Eavesdrop on a conversation between the guards to learn that the password has something to do with feet. Examine the plaque at Madarame’s feet to find the password: “1120”.
  • Q: What are the weaknesses of Shadow Madarame’s paintings?

    • A: The eyes and nose are weak against physical attacks, while the mouth is weak against elemental attacks. Anything else will cause the paintings to heal.
  • Q: How should I prioritize my attacks in the boss battle against Shadow Madarame?

    • A: It is recommended to take out the eyes and nose first, then focus on the mouth. Destroying the eyes and nose simultaneously is crucial.
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With the feet puzzle solved and Shadow Madarame defeated, you can now progress further in Persona 5. Remember to strategize your party’s attacks and keep an eye on each painting’s weaknesses. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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