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How to Remove a MetaMask Account in 2024

These days, MetaMask remains a top choice among software wallets. However, there may be instances where you need to remove these wallets due to security risks or personal reasons. If you’re wondering how to delete an account on MetaMask, this guide will provide you with the necessary steps.

Can I Delete a MetaMask Account?

Before we dive into the steps, let’s address a common question. Can you delete a MetaMask account? It’s important to understand that all MetaMask accounts are securely registered and stored on the blockchain, making it technically impossible to erase a MetaMask account.

However, if you no longer need a specific account and its associated wallet address, you can remove it from your MetaMask wallet within the MetaMask browser extension or mobile app. Please note that this action only removes the account from your MetaMask wallet interface, leaving the wallet address and any linked transactions intact on the blockchain.

Methods to Remove a MetaMask Account

There are different methods to remove a MetaMask account, depending on how the account was set up:

  • If you created the MetaMask account directly within the MetaMask wallet.
  • If the account was imported into MetaMask, but the secret recovery phrase or private keys were generated using another wallet.
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To help you in each situation, we’ll explain how to remove both types of accounts in the following sections.

Step-by-Step: How to Remove a MetaMask Account (Method for Accounts Created on MetaMask)

For any account created on MetaMask, the following steps will help you remove your MetaMask account:

How to Easily Remove a MetaMask Account on Chrome or Other Browsers

  1. Access MetaMask Portfolio from Your MetaMask Extension: After logging into your MetaMask wallet, click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner and select the “Portfolio view” option from the dropdown menu.
  2. Go to Your Accounts Page in MetaMask Settings: Once in the Portfolio dashboard, click on “Settings” in the left side menu, then select “Accounts.”
  3. Remove Created Accounts on Your MetaMask Extension: On the accounts page, you will see all the accounts created or imported within the MetaMask wallet. Click on the 3 vertical dots next to the account you want to delete and select “Remove account.” Confirm the removal by clicking the “Remove” button.

How to Easily Remove a MetaMask Account on a Mobile Device (iOS or Android)

  1. Access MetaMask Portfolio from Your MetaMask App: After logging into your MetaMask app, click the “Portfolio” button on the homepage or dashboard.
  2. Click the Dropdown Menu: On the MetaMask Portfolio page, click the menu button in the top left corner.
  3. Access Settings: From the dropdown menu, click on “Settings.”
  4. Go to “Accounts”: Within the settings, choose the “Accounts” option instead of “General” to view your MetaMask-integrated accounts.
  5. Use the MetaMask Remove Account Option: Once in the accounts section, select the account you want to remove from the list. Click on the 3-dots icon next to that account, and from the menu that appears, choose “Remove Account.” Confirm the removal by clicking “Yes, remove it.”
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Step-by-Step: How to Remove a MetaMask Account (for Imported Accounts)

The steps are straightforward if you wish to remove a MetaMask account you imported using a JSON file from another wallet:

How to Easily Remove a MetaMask Account on Chrome or Other Browser Extensions

  1. Go to the Account Selector Screen in Your MetaMask Extension: If you’ve accessed the MetaMask extension with your password and secret recovery phrase, find and click on your account name to access the account selector screen.
  2. Proceed to Remove Your Imported Account or Imported Accounts: Take note of the accounts labeled as “Imported” beneath the account name. Click the 3-dots button next to that specific account.
  3. Remove Your MetaMask Account: After clicking the 3 dots, a menu will appear with various options. Select “Remove account” to initiate the removal process.

How to Easily Remove a MetaMask Account on a Mobile Device (iOS or Android)

  1. Go to the Account Selector Screen in the MetaMask App: After entering the secret recovery phrase and password, access your MetaMask app and click on the account selector screen.
  2. Select the Account and Delete MetaMask Account: Choose the imported account labeled “Imported” and click on it. A confirmation dialog will appear in the crypto wallet. Click “Yes, remove it” to delete the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Remove All Imported and External Accounts on MetaMask?

You can only remove imported accounts and external accounts that were imported using a private key or JSON file, such as those from a hardware wallet. Accounts added using the “Add account” button within MetaMask cannot be removed.

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How Many MetaMask Accounts Can I Have?

You can create unlimited accounts within a single MetaMask wallet. MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet, meaning it operates independently without any central control or KYC verification requirements.

Are MetaMask Accounts Linked?

No, MetaMask accounts remain independent and are not interlinked. Each MetaMask account has a unique wallet address, making it impossible to discern any connection between multiple accounts.

What Other Solution Do I Have to Remove Created Accounts on MetaMask?

At present, it’s impossible to permanently delete accounts created within MetaMask. You can only remove them. If you remove MetaMask from your device and reinstall it, the created accounts will still be retained on the blockchain. Backing up private keys or seed phrases is crucial to regain access to imported accounts and hardware wallets.


MetaMask is one of the most popular crypto wallets on the market. While it offers secure and flexible storage, there may be valid reasons to delete accounts when necessary. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily manage your MetaMask accounts, whether created directly or imported. Remember, each account is independent, and maintaining control over your wallet is essential for a seamless crypto experience.

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