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19 Tech Companies in Minneapolis Bolstering the City’s Tech Community

Minneapolis has emerged as one of the most successful cities in the Midwest when it comes to the tech economy. With its growing startup community and favorable business environment, Minneapolis has become an attractive destination for ambitious entrepreneurs. In this article, we will take a closer look at 19 tech companies that are contributing to the city’s thriving tech scene.


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Founded: 2017
Focus: Fintech
What they do: Center has developed a digital product for managing employee spending. Their solution, the CenterCard, streamlines processes for tracking spending and booking travel. Employees can also use Center’s software to collect and submit receipt photos for reimbursement.


Founded: 2015
Focus: Fintech
What they do: DailyPay aims to revolutionize the way money changes hands. Their platform allows employees to access their earnings at any time, set aside money for savings, and receive bonus awards. With DailyPay, employees can have a frictionless financial experience even before payday.


Founded: 2011
Focus: E-Commerce + Pet Care
What they do: Chewy has created an online marketplace for all things pet-related. They offer a wide selection of products for dogs, cats, birds, farm animals, and more. With Chewy, pet owners can easily access the items they need to ensure the health and happiness of their furry friends.


Founded: 2007
Focus: Customer Experience Intelligence
What they do: Calabrio is dedicated to helping organizations enhance human interactions. Their platform enables quick deployment of remote-work models and provides AI-driven analytics tools for contact centers. With Calabrio, organizations can improve operating costs, customer satisfaction, and gain valuable customer insights.


Founded: 2013
Focus: B2B Credit Management
What they do: Apruve offers a digital payment solution to automate B2B credit programs and payments. Their platform improves customer experience, efficiency, and eliminates risk. Apruve integrates with popular applications like BigCommerce, Oracle NetSuite, and Magento.

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Founded: 2001
Focus: Cybersecurity
What they do: Code42 specializes in SaaS data risk detection and response. Their products mitigate file exposure and exfiltration risks and provide enterprise endpoint backup and recovery. Code42’s solutions are used for remote workforce monitoring, IP theft detection, and departing employee monitoring.

Northwestern Mutual

Founded: 1857
Focus: Fintech
What they do: Northwestern Mutual provides a refreshing experience in the financial world. They offer professional advice and digital tools to help clients manage their portfolios and make informed decisions. Northwestern Mutual combines a relationship-focused approach with cutting-edge technology.


Founded: 2012
Focus: Employee Lifecycle Management
What they do: Ceridian offers human capital management (HCM) software that optimizes the management of the entire employee lifecycle. Their flagship software, Dayforce, provides functionality for human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management. Ceridian serves organizations from various industries worldwide.


Founded: 2010
Focus: Digital Consumer Interaction
What they do: Kipsu helps service-driven brands connect with their customers through real-time digital communication channels like texting and in-app messaging. Their platform enables brands to gain insights, address customer concerns, and enhance customer experiences. Kipsu has collaborated with retailers, hospitality companies, and educational institutions.

Founded: 2015
Focus: Biomedical Research + Collaboration
What they do:’s informatics platform facilitates biomedical research and collaboration. Their cloud-based platform streamlines the management of various data types, providing secure collaboration for life sciences, clinical, and academic research.

Grand Rounds

Founded: 2011
Focus: Telemedicine
What they do: Grand Rounds brings high-quality healthcare to patients through their intuitive app and digital solutions. Customers receive advice from leading professionals in the field and 24/7 care from a dedicated team. Grand Rounds ensures a superior healthcare experience with just a quick tap.


Founded: 2001
Focus: Custom Software Development
What they do: MentorMate offers end-to-end services across various platforms and technologies. Their services include web and mobile development, systems integration, product design, DevOps, and application support. MentorMate partners with organizations from healthcare, financial services, agriculture, and education.

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Founded: 2008
Focus: Telemedicine
What they do: Zipnosis provides device-agnostic virtual healthcare, offering patients greater choice and convenience. Their platform allows clinicians to quickly diagnose and treat patients, freeing up time for both patients and healthcare providers. Zipnosis integrates with EHRs, patient portals, claims processes, and scheduling systems.

When I Work

Founded: 2010
Focus: Hourly Workforce Management
What they do: When I Work provides software that helps organizations manage hourly workforces easily. Their platform enables teams to create work schedules, track time, post jobs, onboard employees, and communicate effectively. When I Work simplifies workforce management tasks and enhances team collaboration.


Founded: 1996
Focus: Software Development
What they do: CodeWeavers develops software solutions for various purposes. Their CrossOver software provides cross-platform compatibility, while PortJump helps app and game developers reach a broader market. CodeWeavers’ ExecMode software helps organizations tackle complex technical challenges.


Founded: 2013
Focus: Healthcare IT Solutions
What they do: Datica specializes in digital health solutions, focusing on EHR integration and cloud compliance. They offer streamlined data integration and end-to-end cloud services, ensuring secure and compliant healthcare environments. Datica’s clients include prominent healthcare organizations.

Billiyo Health

Founded: 2014
Focus: Post-Acute Care Management
What they do: Billiyo Health provides a cloud-based platform to support post-acute care providers. Their platform aggregates medical billing, charting, scheduling, communication, and automation, making it easier for caregivers to manage their work and communicate with staff and families.


Founded: 2009
Focus: Real Estate Tech
What they do: HomeSpotter offers software solutions for real estate agents, brokers, and MLS providers. Their Boost platform allows agents to develop advertising campaigns, and their lead generation system helps agents manage open houses. HomeSpotter also provides an app solution for real-time property information and smart messaging tools.

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Founded: 2001
Focus: Application + Network Security Solutions
What they do: NetSPI specializes in application and network security solutions for enterprise organizations. Their Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) enables continuous security throughout the year. NetSPI also offers services like penetration testing, adversarial simulation, and program benchmarking.

These 19 tech companies are just a glimpse of Minneapolis’ thriving tech scene. With a diverse range of focuses, from fintech to healthcare, these companies contribute to the city’s tech community and drive innovation. To learn more about tech trends and stay up to date with the latest in the industry, visit Eireview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the tech scene like in Minneapolis?
A: Minneapolis has a vibrant and growing tech scene, attracting ambitious entrepreneurs and fostering a thriving startup community. The city offers favorable economic conditions, making it an attractive location for tech companies.

Q: What industries do the tech companies in Minneapolis focus on?
A: The tech companies in Minneapolis focus on various industries, including fintech, e-commerce, pet care, customer experience intelligence, cybersecurity, and more. These companies bring innovation and solutions to different sectors of the economy.

Q: Can you provide some examples of tech companies in Minneapolis?
A: Certainly! Some examples of tech companies in Minneapolis include Center, DailyPay, Chewy, Calabrio, Code42, Northwestern Mutual, Ceridian, Kipsu,, Grand Rounds, MentorMate, Zipnosis, When I Work, CodeWeavers, Datica, Billiyo Health, HomeSpotter, and NetSPI.


Minneapolis’ tech community is thriving, thanks to the contributions of innovative and forward-thinking tech companies. These 19 companies represent the diversity and strength of the city’s tech scene, covering a wide range of industries and offering solutions that drive progress and economic growth. To stay informed about the latest tech trends and advancements, be sure to visit Eireview.