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Neo4j Getting Started

Neo4j is the world’s leading Graph Database. It offers high performance and robust features, making it a mature and reliable choice for storing and querying data. With Neo4j, programmers can work with a flexible network structure of nodes and relationships, providing significant performance benefits compared to traditional relational databases.

Neo4j Console

If you have installed Websoft9 Neo4j, here are the steps to get started quickly.


To get started with Neo4j, you need to perform the following preparation steps:

  • Get the Internet IP of your Server on Cloud
  • Check the Inbound of Security Group Rule of Cloud Console to ensure that TCP ports 80 and 7687 are allowed
  • Complete the five steps for Domain if you want to use a custom domain for Neo4j
  • Get the default username and password for Neo4j

Neo4j Initialization

To initialize Neo4j and start using it, follow these steps:

  1. Use SSH to connect to the Neo4j Server and run the command cypher-shell. You will be prompted to enter your username and password for this command.
  2. Run the command CALL dbms.showCurrentUser(); to view all users.
  3. Try using the GUI tool Neo4j Browser to interact with Neo4j.

Neo4j Browser

For more information on using Neo4j, please refer to the Neo4j Documentation.

Having trouble?

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If you encounter any problems with Neo4j, refer to the following solutions:

  • I can visit Neo4j Browser but get a database connection error? This issue may be caused by your Security Group Rules not allowing TCP port 7687 for Neo4j Browser.
  • Why are Neo4j Browser roles null? The Neo4j Community Edition does not support roles.

Neo4j QuickStart

We will provide a quick guide for using Neo4j Browser to perform data analysis. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to Neo4j Browser.
  2. Open the Sample Scripts > Example Graphs > Movie Graph.
  3. Click the Create icon to create the sample Movie Graph.
  4. Use the sample data to perform various queries and explore relationships.

Neo4j Setup

Enable remote connection

To enable remote connections to Neo4j, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Inbound of Security Group Rule of Cloud Console to ensure that port 7687 is allowed.
  2. Check the Neo4j configuration file to ensure that all IP connections ( are allowed.

Manage Users

To manage users in Neo4j, you can use the following commands:


Neo4j provides several useful GUI tools for managing and interacting with the database:

  • Neo4j Browser – A web-based tool that comes with the Neo4j Server.
  • Neo4j Desktop – A local tool for developers.
  • Neo4j Bloom – A graph visualization and exploration tool.

Before using any GUI tool, make sure you have enabled remote connections.

Neo4j Browser

To use Neo4j Browser:

  1. Visit the Neo4j Browser URL using a local Chrome browser, such as http://domain or http://Server’s Internet IP.
  2. Select the bolt:// URL mode and enter the default username and password. You may be prompted to change the password.
  3. After modifying the password, log in to the console and initialize the installation.
  4. You can add users using the Database Information > Server User Add option (Enterprise Edition).
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Neo4j Desktop

Neo4j Desktop is a local tool for developers.

Neo4j Bloom

Neo4j Bloom is a graph visualization and exploration tool.

Reset Password

If you need to reset the password for Neo4j, you can follow these steps:

  1. Stop the Neo4j server.
  2. Modify the Neo4j configuration file to set to false.
  3. Restart Neo4j and set a new password.
  4. Recover the Neo4j configuration file.
  5. Restart the Neo4j service.

For more details, refer to the Password and User Recovery guide.

Reference Sheet

The following reference sheet provides useful information for managing Neo4j:


  • Neo4j Program Path: /var/lib/neo4j
  • Neo4j Configuration File Path: /etc/neo4j/neo4j.conf
  • Neo4j Log Path: /var/log/neo4j
  • Neo4j Plugins Path: /var/lib/neo4j/plugins
  • Neo4j Data Path: /var/lib/neo4j/data
  • Neo4j Certificates Path: /var/lib/neo4j/certificates
  • Neo4j Start Path: /var/run/neo4j


  • Port 7687: Neo4j Browser remote connection to the Neo4j database
  • More ports: Refer to the Configuration file


  • Neo4j version information


  • Neo4j service management


Neo4j provides a set of command-line tools for managing services, importing and analyzing data. Refer to the Neo4j Tools documentation for more details.

  • Cypher Shell: A command-line tool for running queries and performing administrative tasks.
  • neo4j-admin: The primary tool for managing a Neo4j instance.
  • neo4j: Additional command-line tools.


The Neo4j REST API documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions


In this article, we provided a comprehensive guide to getting started with Neo4j, the world’s leading Graph Database. We covered the preparation steps, initialization, quick start, setup, user management, GUI tools, password reset, and provided a reference sheet for further usage. By following these instructions, you can quickly start using Neo4j and leverage its powerful features for your data analysis and management needs.

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Remember to refer to the Neo4j Documentation for more detailed information and troubleshooting guides.