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The Password Game

The Password Game is an innovative browser puzzle game designed by the creative mind of Neal Agarwal in 2023. In this captivating game, players are presented with the challenge of crafting a password that follows an ever-growing set of peculiar and complex rules. Inspired by real-world password policies, The Password Game offers a unique blend of absurdity and insightful commentary on the user experience during password creation.

The Password Game’s Gameplay

The Password Game is a web-based interactive video game where players must enter their password into an input box. At the start, they encounter five basic rules such as a minimum character count, requiring numbers, uppercase letters, and special characters. However, as players adeptly navigate these initial requirements, they face additional rules, one after another, reaching a total of 35 rules. Each new rule builds upon the previous ones, leading to an increasingly challenging and unconventional password-creation process.

The rules encompass an array of mind-bending tasks, including managing the product of Roman numerals in the password, guessing countries from random Google Street View images, incorporating the day’s Wordle answer or moon phase emoji, entering optimal chess moves in algebraic notation, and even inserting URLs with random video lengths from YouTube. To add a whimsical touch, players must include egg and chicken emojis and diligently feed the “Paul” emoji throughout the game. If players neglect their digital companions or make other mistakes, they may find themselves facing a Dark Souls-like death screen.

To progress in The Password Game, players must adhere to all previous rules, leading to potential conflicts and making each step increasingly challenging. Once players believe they have satisfied all 35 rules, they confirm their final password and then have two minutes to retype it accurately. Failure to complete this final task leads to the game resetting, prompting players to start anew.

How to Play The Password Game

To emerge victorious in The Password Game, players must successfully follow all 35 rules, including unique tasks such as changing font sizes, ensuring password length is a prime number, and inserting the current time. Upon reaching the 35th rule, players must meticulously note down their password before confirming it as their final attempt. Within the two-minute window, they must accurately retype the password. Any deviations, copying, or pasting of the password results in a game reset and a fresh start.

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What Are The 35 Rules of The Password Game?

Here are the 35 rules for The Password Game:

  • At least 5 characters
  • A number
  • An uppercase letter
  • A special character
  • Digits must add up to 256
  • Needs to include a month
  • Needs a Roman numeral
  • Needs to contain one of “Pepsi”, “Starbucks”, “Shell”
  • Roman numerals need to multiply to 35
  • Needs to contain a randomly generated CAPTCHA
  • Needs today’s Wordle answer
  • Two-letter symbol from the periodic table.
  • Current phase of the moon as an emoji
  • Name of the country from Google Maps
  • Type Leap year
  • Calculate the best chess move
  • Paul the Egg ! Don’t delete him by accident
  • Atomic numbers that add up to 200
  • All vowels must be bolded
  • Delete all of the before it deletes your password
  • Add 4 of :man_lifting_weights:
  • Needs to contain one of “i am loved”, “i am worthy”, “i am enough”
  • Egg hatches, feed him a worm every 20 seconds or paste in 3 worms every 50 seconds
  • Find a YouTube video with a randomly generated length
  • Pick 2 letters you will no longer be able to use
  • Need twice as much italic letters as you have in bold
  • At least 30% of your password needs to be in Wingdings
  • Type random color it generates in hex
  • All Roman numbers need to be in Times New Roman
  • Font size of every digit must be equal to its square
  • Every instance of the same letter needs a unique font size
  • Password needs to contain password’s length as a number
  • Password length also needs to be a prime number
  • You need the current time in format HH:MM
  • Re-type the password into another textbox, you have 2 minutes to do this. Good Luck.

Top 10 Tips for Mastering The Password Game

The Password Game is an intriguing puzzle adventure that challenges players to craft a password following a series of ever more complex rules. While navigating this mind-bending journey, players can encounter daunting tasks that might leave them scratching their heads. To help players succeed and conquer this enigmatic game, here are the top 10 tips:

  1. Know Your Roman Numerals: Roman numerals play a significant role in The Password Game, and players may find it helpful to familiarize themselves with them. Utilize a Roman numeral chart (e.g., I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII) to ease the process of complying with rules involving these numerals.

  2. Check Today’s Wordle Answer: One of the rules in The Password Game demands the entry of the current Wordle puzzle answer. To save time or if unfamiliar with Wordle, players can check the daily updated answer.

  3. Use Reverse Image Search: When faced with identifying random images in the game, employ a Reverse Image Search tool to help you quickly find the correct match. This ensures smoother progress and avoids potential confusion.

  4. Familiarize Yourself With The Least Popular Periodic Table Elements: For rules requiring players to use a two-letter symbol from the periodic table, having a basic periodic chart handy can be advantageous. Avoid using vowels to prevent conflicts with other rules.

  5. Learn The Moon Phases: Solving certain rules necessitates the correct moon phase emoji. Easily find the current moon phase through a simple Google search, and then copy and paste the corresponding emoji from Emojibase.

  6. Learn Algebraic Chess Notation: Some rules in The Password Game demand chess moves in Algebraic Notation. Familiarize yourself with the format: (Piece letter capitalized)(“x” if a capture)(space)(“+” or “++” for check/Checkmate). Use the provided definitions (e.g., N for Knight, x for Capture, + for Check) to solve the moves correctly.

  7. Tips For Finding YouTube Videos Of a Certain Length: When required to insert the URL of a YouTube video with specific length criteria, use YouTube’s Advanced Search or Filter feature to expedite the process. This will help you locate videos that match the required duration.

  8. Do Not Delete The Egg: When encountering Rule 17, protect the egg, known as “Paul.” Resist the temptation to delete it, as doing so will result in a game-ending message: “Paul Has Been Slain.” Preserve the egg to continue your journey.

  9. Keep Track of Previous Rules: Stay vigilant about previous rules, as new ones may conflict with or invalidate prior achievements. Monitoring the red boxes that appear after each rule can prevent falling too far behind.

  10. It’s Okay To Just Stop: Remember, The Password Game is designed to be challenging and frustrating. If you encounter insurmountable hurdles or a sequence that appears impossible, it’s perfectly fine to take a break or stop playing. Maintaining a positive attitude and enjoying the game are key to success.

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Development and Release

Neal Agarwal, known for his engaging web projects, conceptualized The Password Game as a satirical take on password policies becoming increasingly convoluted. Development commenced in late April 2023, with Agarwal dedicating two months to its completion. Implementing regular expressions within the game’s text editor, a core feature, proved particularly challenging.

The Password Game was officially released on June 27, 2023. Following its launch, the game rapidly gained popularity, going viral online and receiving over a million visits within a day. It garnered attention and mixed reactions on social media, with players both praising and cursing the game’s ingenious design.

The Password Game has been hailed as one of the most inventive and will-breaking browser games, offering a comedic experience set within a user interface. Reviews commend the game’s delightful secrets hidden behind its apparent simplicity, providing a satisfying journey for those who dare to tackle its challenges.


What is The Password Game?
The Password Game is an interactive puzzle browser game developed by Neal Agarwal. Players must create a password following a series of 35 increasingly unusual and complex rules, offering a challenging and unique gameplay experience.

How do I play The Password Game?
To play The Password Game, visit the game’s website at: Eireview and enter the password in the input box. Follow the rules that appear one after another, building upon the previous ones. Adjust your password accordingly to comply with each rule and progress further.

Is The Password Game difficult?
Yes, The Password Game is designed to be challenging and may require problem-solving skills and perseverance to complete. Some rules may seem unconventional, adding to the game’s unique appeal.

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Can I pause or save my progress in The Password Game?
The Password Game doesn’t have a built-in pause or save feature. If you exit the game, your progress will be lost, and you’ll need to start from the beginning on your next playthrough.

The Password Game is a thrilling and thought-provoking puzzle adventure that showcases Neal Agarwal’s creativity and wit. With its innovative gameplay and progressively complex rules, the game offers players an entertaining and mind-bending experience. As players embark on the quest to craft the perfect password, they are sure to encounter both frustration and delight. So, if you’re ready to put your problem-solving skills to the test, dive into The Password Game and discover the absurdity of password creation in a whole new light.