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A Look Behind the Red Phone Booth in Downtown Nashville

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Nashville, Tennessee – Have you ever wondered what lies behind the intriguing Red Phone Booth in downtown Nashville? This hidden gem, originating all the way from London, England, offers an unforgettable prohibition experience for those curious enough to step inside. In this article, we’ll uncover the fascinating backstory and secrets hidden within the walls of this unique cocktail bar.

Inspired by History

To gain access to this captivating establishment, guests must dial a secret number on a vintage 1930s rotary phone. If successful, the back of the phone booth opens, transporting visitors to a world reminiscent of a bygone era – a world far different from the bustling streets of Rosa L. Parks Boulevard outside.

The story behind the Red Phone Booth is one of personal inspiration. Founder and CEO, Stephen de Haan, drew inspiration from his pharmacist grandfather, who lived during the prohibition era. The drinks served at the bar are referred to as prescriptions, the back bar represents a pharmacy, cigars are considered inhalants, and the shot is equated to a vaccine. Every element of the experience pays homage to de Haan’s grandfather and the rich history of that era.

A Family Legacy

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The dream of creating the Red Phone Booth began many years ago when de Haan attempted to craft a drink for his grandfather. Unfortunately, his first attempt was less than satisfactory. Upon tasting it, his grandfather dramatically spat it out onto the kitchen floor. However, rather than discouraging de Haan, this moment ignited a deeper passion.

In the aftermath, his grandfather passed down a treasured cocktail book from the 1930s titled “Here’s How.” De Haan continues to utilize this book to this day, ensuring that each drink crafted at the Red Phone Booth stays true to its roots.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Since officially opening its doors in 2019, the Red Phone Booth has become renowned for its classic cocktails. The bar takes immense pride in every aspect, from hand-chipping the ice to squeezing fresh juices. Just like in the days of old, exceptional customer service is a top priority for de Haan and his team.

Drawing inspiration from de Haan’s summer spent in Naples, Italy, the bar even offers delectable Neapolitan pizza for guests to enjoy alongside their meticulously crafted cocktails. With Italian leather couches, vintage cigar lockers, and black-and-white films playing on the TV screens, each corner of the Red Phone Booth offers an air of mystery and discovery.

The bar’s artwork adds another layer to the experience, including a piece that captures what de Haan imagines a date between his grandparents would have looked like at the Red Phone Booth. Though his grandfather never knew he inspired this dream, de Haan feels confident that he is looking down with a smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the membership options at the Red Phone Booth?

  • A: The bar does offer membership options for loyal customers. This enables guests to make reservations, attend private tastings, and enjoy a private cigar locker. While membership is not required to enter the bar, it provides additional perks for those who desire a more exclusive experience.

Q: Is there a dress code at the Red Phone Booth?

  • A: Yes, the bar maintains a dress code. However, they are known to provide a jacket to guests who arrive without one, ensuring everyone can partake in the experience.


The Red Phone Booth in downtown Nashville is a true testament to the power of nostalgia and the desire to recreate a bygone era. With its rich history, carefully crafted cocktails, and attention to detail, this hidden gem offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, stepping into the Red Phone Booth allows you to escape reality and travel back in time, even if just for a little while.

For more information about the Red Phone Booth and its captivating offerings, visit Eireview.