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Lincoln Riley: Proudly Watching His Quarterbacks Clash in the NFL Playoffs

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Lincoln Riley, the esteemed coach of the University of Southern California (USC), is preparing to witness a groundbreaking event in his coaching career. Two of his former college quarterbacks, Baker Mayfield and Jalen Hurts, will face off in an NFC wild card game on Monday night. This game is not just any ordinary clash between two talented quarterbacks; it marks the first time that two of Riley’s proteges will meet in the NFL playoffs. It is an emotional moment for Riley, who fondly describes himself as a “proud father.”

The Rise of Riley’s Quarterbacks

Riley has established himself as a quarterback whisperer, consistently producing exceptional talents who thrive in the NFL. Mayfield, a former walk-on, defied all odds to become the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. Hurts, known for his successful tenure at the University of Alabama, blossomed as a passer during his time at the University of Oklahoma (OU), where he threw for nearly 4,000 yards and 32 touchdowns. Another one of Riley’s proteges, Kyler Murray, achieved a Heisman Trophy win and an outstanding statistical season as an OU quarterback. Now, Caleb Williams, Riley’s most recent quarterback at OU, has also made his mark by winning the Heisman in his first season at USC.

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Distinct Personalities, Shared Competitiveness

Mayfield and Hurts possess contrasting personalities, but both share an unwavering competitiveness, unmatched motivation, and incredible work ethic. Mayfield exudes confidence and swagger, while Hurts demonstrates stoicism and strength. Mayfield’s press conferences are entertaining, while Hurts’ resemble those of the enigmatic Bill Belichick. Despite their differences, Riley highlights the similarities between the two, emphasizing their exceptional drive to win.

Enduring Toughness

Both Mayfield and Hurts have exhibited exceptional toughness throughout their careers. They have battled through injuries while leading their respective squads to the playoffs. Riley admires their resilience and character, as they have defied doubters and proved themselves at every level of the game. Mayfield, in particular, faced skepticism about his NFL potential and had to overcome challenges in Cleveland before finding his place in Tampa Bay. Hurts, too, encountered doubts at Alabama and during his early days at OU. However, both quarterbacks have proven their critics wrong and earned their place among the NFL’s elite.

OU quarterback Baker Mayfield (6) and head coach Lincoln Riley talk after the Bedlam college football game between the Oklahoma State Cowboys (OSU) and the Oklahoma Sooners (OU) at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Okla., Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017. OU won 62-52. Photo by Nate Billings, The Oklahoman

Reflecting on a Remarkable Journey

Riley acknowledges that success in coaching is often a matter of perspective. As he gazes upon the accomplishments of Mayfield and Hurts, he realizes the magnitude of their achievements. What started as a shared journey of growth and development at OU has now brought them to the pinnacle of professional football. Riley is grateful for the opportunity to witness the culmination of their dreams and hopes for an exhilarating game that showcases their extraordinary skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What role does Lincoln Riley play in the NFL playoffs?

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Lincoln Riley, the head coach of the University of Southern California (USC), previously coached both Baker Mayfield and Jalen Hurts during their time at the University of Oklahoma (OU). As Mayfield’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against Hurts’ Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL playoffs, Riley proudly observes the clash between his former quarterbacks.

2. How many Heisman-winning quarterbacks has Lincoln Riley coached?

Lincoln Riley has had the privilege of coaching three Heisman-winning quarterbacks: Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Caleb Williams. Jalen Hurts, who finished as a runner-up in the Heisman Trophy race, also excelled under Riley’s guidance.

3. What sets Baker Mayfield and Jalen Hurts apart as quarterbacks?

While Mayfield and Hurts have different personalities, they share an exceptional competitiveness and an unwavering drive to succeed. Mayfield’s confidence and swagger contrast with Hurts’ stoicism and strength. However, both quarterbacks possess incredible work ethics and a relentless desire to win.


As Lincoln Riley prepares to watch Baker Mayfield and Jalen Hurts face off in the NFL playoffs, he reflects on the remarkable journey that brought them to this moment. From their time together at the University of Oklahoma to their current status as starting quarterbacks in the NFL, Mayfield and Hurts have defied expectations and proven their worth. Riley, with pride in his eyes, eagerly anticipates an electrifying game that showcases the talent and perseverance of his former protégés.


Disclaimer: This article is a work of fiction and does not represent any real-life events or individuals. The content is purely for illustrative purposes.

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