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Persona 5 Guide: Conquering Kaneshiro’s Bank Palace

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June’s dungeon in Persona 5 plunges you into the depths of a mob bank, presenting intriguing number puzzles to solve. In this guide, we’ll explore Kaneshiro’s Bank Palace and provide you with an easy walkthrough to ensure your success.

Disclaimer: Originally written for Persona 5 in 2017, this guide is still applicable to Persona 5 Royal—the 2020 update with additional content. While the paths remain the same, note that Royal introduced changes to parts of the game. So keep an eye out for any inconsistencies.

The updated Persona 5 Royal also introduces a new collectible called Will Seeds in each dungeon. If you’re looking to find them in Kaneshiro’s Palace, check out our Kaneshiro’s Palace Will Seeds of Gluttony locations guide.

Kaneshiro’s Bank Palace Walkthrough

Once you’re ready, enter the Metaverse to face Kaneshiro. Makoto will receive her code name as soon as you enter.

Finding an Alternative Entry

Upon entering, you’ll notice that the front door is closed. You need to find another way around. Head to the right side of the courtyard and approach the suspicious pig statue. Examine it, and crawl through the hidden cave beneath.


Proceed through the secret passage and take a right around the stairs. Instead of going up, head into the main room. Clear out the guards and move behind the tellers. There is a hidden treasure on the far left side.


Exit the main room and walk to the left. You’ll find yourself in another large room with an elevator. Clear the room, grab the treasure under the stairs, and proceed to the second level.

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Confronting the Dog Enemy

On the second level, you’ll encounter your first dog enemy. Dogs are more perceptive than other guards, so be cautious. Sneak up on the dog and clear out the floor. Before moving on, head to the far left side and press the button to open a shortcut back to the first floor.


Return to the location where you fought the dog enemy and look up at the shelves. Climb up to the security room through the vent. Ambush the security enemy inside, and grab the key card. You’ll also obtain part one of the map.


Exit the security room, clear the floor again, and go down the right hallway from the dog stairs. In a small room, use your key card on a small box. Inside, you’ll find the elevator controls—your main objective.


Descending into the Basement

Crawl through the vent in front of you and jump into the basement. Head through the right side door and down the hall. Turn right to find the Banker Passageway Safe Room.


After regrouping in the safe room, take a double right and proceed down the long hallway. Use third eye to detect the security camera’s blind spots and attack the electrical box on the wall.

Head through the left doorway into a small square room connected to a narrow hallway. Defeat the guards and follow the hallway until you reach a small square room with treasure and another electrical box. Destroy the box.


With the security cameras disabled, return to the square room and head left toward the long stairs. Walk across the balcony area and down another set of stairs. Ignore the small room in front of you and continue down the hallway. Defeat the guard and destroy the electrical box.

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Before moving on, return to the small room you passed earlier to collect extra treasure. Then, go back down the hallway. Use your key card to open a shortcut to the Safe Room, and proceed through the doors into the next area.

You’ll enter a small room with a staircase to the right and a door in front. Head up the staircase and use your key card to unlock a shortcut back to the first floor. Afterward, return to the small room and go through the new doors.

Conquering the Vault

In this new room, exercise caution as it is heavily secured. Cross the room and go through the doorway, leading to a balcony area with a patrolling guard. Take him out and head forward. On the left, you’ll encounter an impassable security section.


Instead of attempting to get through that way, think like a thief. Turn around and head toward the other side of the room. Look closely, and you’ll find some pipes. Jump onto them and then down to the next floor. Clear out the guards, and seize the treasure chest. Proceed left down the hall until you reach the giant vault door.

Time to find some keys. Go up the front staircase and take a right. Grab the treasure chest and go through the door. Climb up the cabinets to the left and crawl through the small vent. Jump down into the new room to find another chest and two electrical boxes. Destroy them both to disable the security.

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Use your key card to gain access to the main room. Proceed through the now-security-less balcony and encounter the two yellow guards. Prepare for a clever trick. Choose the most expensive item to throw, as suggested by your teammates. This distraction will grant you two free turns to attack Piggytron.

Once enough damage is inflicted, Kaneshiro will retreat from the robot, allowing you to resume your assault. Keep attacking until Kaneshiro emerges from the robot again. Employ the same tactic, choosing the most expensive item to distract him.


While battling, Kaneshiro will attempt a devastating attack, but he’ll also expose a vulnerability. Use area-of-effect abilities to target both Kaneshiro and Piggytron simultaneously. Eventually, Kaneshiro will fall off the robot, crushed when it rolls forward. He will then retreat back into Piggytron. Continue the assault until he emerges again.

Your team will suggest throwing another expensive item at Kaneshiro. Select the item and have your teammate toss it onto the battlefield. Kaneshiro will become distracted, granting you two free turns to attack Piggytron.

With the giant robot pig immune to weaknesses, focus on debuffing its defense and attacking with physical Persona skills or magic.


Kaneshiro will eventually emerge once more, and you’ll throw yet another expensive item at him. Keep attacking Piggytron until it falls, signifying the end of the battle.

Confront Kaneshiro about his actions and return to the real world. Grab Morgana and the suitcase full of fake money and take it to Leblanc. After examining the case, get some rest. Now, all you have to do is await Kaneshiro’s change of heart. Sleep and expect rewards from Arcana Burst.

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