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Best Multi-Computer Cloud Backup and Storage

BMR Scheduled Backup for Timely Data Protection

As data becomes increasingly crucial for businesses, it is essential to have a regular and efficient data backup plan. Manual backups, which require individually backing up every computer in an organization, are not practical. To automate and streamline data backups, businesses need scheduled backups. IDrive® BMR, an onsite backup solution, offers the option to schedule image backups at specific times on different days of the week.

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With IDrive® BMR, you have the flexibility to schedule local backups daily, on weekdays, weekends, or even on custom days of the week. This allows you to schedule backups during non-working hours if necessary. The scheduler also enables you to set the maximum backup speed, backup interval, and the number of full and incremental backups you want to retain for specific clients. Additionally, you can apply backup settings for groups of computers and manage data backup for several computers at once.

IDrive® BMR features for effective data backup and recovery

  • Fast Incremental Backup: Optimize your network bandwidth during data backups by only backing up the modified portions after the initial full backup of your client machines.
  • NAS storage with iSCSI support: Create Network Attached Storage datastores within your BMR storage that are shareable via SMB, NFS, AFP, SFTP, and iSCSI protocols.
  • Snapshot-based Restore: Use Snapshot-based bare-metal restore for point-in-time recovery. Restore multiple machines at once, as image data can be accessed directly from the server during restore.
  • Easy Restores: Restore your image backups from the server to a computer or multiple computers using a pre-configured USB flash drive or boot CD.
  • VMware Backup: Securely backup your VMware machines running on ESXi host and vCenter. Ensure time-effective data recovery support for your VMware data.
  • KVM-based Virtualization: Create up to four virtual instances of your clients on the BMR server instantly using the KVM hypervisor. This provides a better virtualization infrastructure and allows you to resume business during data loss.
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Cloud support for local backup with IDrive® BMR

  • Cloud Replication: Maintain a secondary repository of your BMR local backup on the cloud to enable effective business recovery. Your cloud backups will be available for anytime-access.
  • Cloud Seeding: Transfer large volumes of BMR backups to the cloud in about a week’s time by shipping the data to the servers in an external device and uploading it to the cloud via cloud seeding.
  • Cloud Manage: Monitor the backup health of your devices, manage your backups, and create file-level restore points from any external network using the Dashboard via the Internet.

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In conclusion, IDrive® BMR offers an all-in-one solution for multi-computer cloud backup and storage. With its scheduled backup feature, you can automate and regularize your data backups, ensuring the safety of your critical assets. Whether you need fast incremental backups, easy restores, or cloud support, IDrive® BMR has you covered. Protect your data with IDrive® BMR and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your information is secure and easily recoverable.