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12 Ways To Express Love using Mathematical Codes

We all know that love can be expressed through romantic poems, grand gestures, flowers, hugs, and kisses. But did you know that there exist codes too, to say that you love someone? And that those codes involve mathematics? On International Mathematics Day, let’s explore the mathematical equation of love and discover 12 ways to say “I love you” using numbers and codes.

How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Mathematical Code

On International Mathematics Day, surprise your love with these mathematical codes. This is the cutest way to say those magical words. Just go ahead and write “I love you” in numbers.

1. 143

This is the most common mathematical way of saying “I love you.” The numbers 1, 4, and 3 represent the number of alphabets in each word of the phrase ‘I love you’. So, I = 1, love = 4, and you = 3. It’s a sweet and simple code that anyone can understand and appreciate.

2. 831

This code is lesser-known and means “I love you” as well. The number 8 represents the number of alphabets in the phrase ‘I love you’, 3 stands for the number of words, and 1 stands for the ‘one’ meaning. It’s an ingenious way to propose to your partner without sounding clichéd.

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3. 721

Similar to 831, 721 is a code for ‘love you’. It represents the seven alphabets in the phrase, comprising of two words and one meaning. These little romantic sets of numbers allow you to communicate your feelings in a concise and private manner.

4. K3U

This code is really innovative. Look at K3U and you’ll notice that it looks like I <3 U, which stands for “I heart you” or “I love you.” It’s a perfect way to say “I love you” in numbers, especially if you’re in a secret relationship and not ready to go public.

5. n3λ0lI

This code is a lot of fun and an imaginative answer to “how to write I love you in numbers?”. It combines the alphabet ‘n’ with the number three, the Greek letter Lambda, zero, the lowercase letter ‘l’, and uppercase ‘I’. If someone using a handheld device turns the phone upside down, they can read “I love you” in this creative code.

6. The equation

If your partner enjoys a little bit of challenge, you can convey your feelings through a math equation. There are many famous math equations that can reveal your feelings. For example, you can ask your partner to solve the equation: i.2(2X-i) > 4X – 6U, which translates to “i <3 U” or “I love you.”

7. Bonus code 224

To the above codes, you can add the numbers ‘224’ as well. These numbers stand for today, tomorrow, and forever (2-day, 2-morrow, 4-ever)! It’s a cute little code that conveys a promise to be there today, tomorrow, and till eternity.

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8. 128 980

For those who struggle with math, here’s a simple code: 128 980. Just cover the top half of the code, and you’ll see “I love you” in a mathematical way. It’s a clever trick to express your love using numbers.

9. sin² t + cos² t= 1

If your partner is good at math and loves trigonometry, you can say “I love you” using this equation. A note like “You and me are like sin²t + cos²t” will convey your feelings to your special someone.

10. Say it with a graph

This creative idea requires a little bit of work. Take a graph paper and a pen and ask your partner to map these equations: Y=1/x, x² + y² = 9, y = |-2x|, x = -3|sin y|. Each equation represents a letter – ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘V’, and ‘E’. Once your partner solves these codes, they will realize that it spells ‘LOVE’ on the graph.

11. Until π runs out of decimal places

Pi (π) is an irrational number, just like love. It goes on indefinitely without repeating or ending. Saying “I will love you till Pi runs out of decimal places” is a romantic way to express your everlasting love.

12. The love formula

If your crush loves mathematics, you can use this equation: X² + (y – 3²)² = 1. When plotted on a graph, it forms a heart shape. This mathematical way of saying “I love you” is sure to impress your crush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these mathematical codes widely known?
A: Some codes, like 143, are well-known, while others are lesser-known. However, the beauty of these codes lies in their uniqueness and the effort you put into expressing your love.

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Q: Can I use these codes to express my love even if my partner is not a math enthusiast?
A: Absolutely! These codes are a creative and fun way to express your love, regardless of your partner’s interest in math. The thought and effort behind these codes will be appreciated.

Q: Can I share these codes with anyone or keep them private?
A: You can choose to share these codes with your loved ones or keep them as your secret language of love. They provide a private and unique way to communicate your feelings.


Telling your loved ones that you love them is always wonderful, and saying it in new, creative, and fun ways adds an element of zest to life. These mathematical codes provide a unique and exciting way to express your love. Whether your partner is a math enthusiast or not, they will appreciate the effort and ingenuity behind these codes. So, go ahead and surprise your loved ones with these delightful mathematical expressions of love.