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Amazon One-Time Passwords (OTP): Tips for Customers and Delivery Drivers

Did you know that Amazon sometimes requires a one-time password (OTP) for high-value deliveries? If you’re an Amazon customer, you must provide the OTP to your driver to receive your package. In this article, we will explore how OTPs work for both customers and Flex delivery drivers, and provide some useful tips to ensure a smooth delivery process.

How One-Time Passwords (OTP) Work for Amazon Customers

A one-time password (OTP) is a security feature that Amazon utilizes for certain high-value deliveries. When an OTP is required, you need to give the six-digit OTP code to your delivery driver in order to receive the package. No code, no delivery! Here’s how to find and share the OTP code with your driver:

How to Find the OTP Code

Amazon emails you the six-digit OTP after your item ships. You can find the code by going to “Your Orders” > “Track Package” on the Amazon app or The code will be displayed at the top of the order tracking page.

How to Share the OTP Code with Your Driver

When your driver arrives, they will knock on your door and ask for the password. Simply tell them the code or show it on your phone screen. If you can’t find the code, go to the tracking section for the order or search your email for the initial shipping notification. If all else fails, ask your driver for further instructions. They may be able to verify the delivery using the last two digits of your phone number.

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What If You Can’t Be There for the Delivery?

If you can’t be present to receive the package, you can share your OTP with a trusted person who can accept it on your behalf. Give them the code and have them share it with the driver during the delivery. Alternatively, if nobody is available to receive the package, Amazon will re-deliver it on the next working day.

Please note that customers must be present for an OTP delivery. It is not acceptable to leave the code on a piece of paper at your door, as drivers are instructed to only obtain the OTP code from a live person.

Why Do Some Orders Have OTP Codes?

Amazon utilizes OTPs for high-value orders such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Some delivery drivers claim that OTPs may be required if a customer frequently reports missing deliveries, but the official OTP page at Amazon only mentions their requirement for high-value items.

How One-Time Passwords Work for Amazon Delivery Drivers

On certain deliveries, Amazon Flex drivers are required to collect a one-time password (OTP) from the customer before completing the delivery. Here’s what you need to know as a delivery driver:

Collecting the OTP Code

An OTP delivery will be labeled as such in your itinerary. When you arrive at the delivery location, ask the customer for the six-digit OTP code and input it into the app. Be careful with your input, as three incorrect attempts will prevent you from completing the delivery.

The Customer Can’t Find Their OTP Code? Here’s a Workaround

If a customer cannot locate their OTP code, you can use a workaround. Select the option “password is missing or incorrect” and ask the customer for the last two digits of their phone number. In many cases, you can input the digits as a valid code.

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How to Help a Customer Find Their OTP Code

Customers can find the OTP in two places: the Amazon app or at “Your Orders” > “Track Package,” or in the email sent by Amazon when the package first ships. The fastest way to find the code is usually through the Amazon app. Direct the customer to the tracking page for their order, where they will find the code at the top of the page.

If the customer cannot be present for the delivery, they can share the OTP with someone else who can receive the package. It is acceptable for the person receiving the delivery to be different from the name on the package as long as they have the correct code.

Protecting Your Ratings: What to Do If You Can’t Deliver an OTP Delivery

As a Flex driver, your ratings affect the offers you receive. Undelivered packages can harm your Reliability rating, so it’s important to take the right steps. If you are unable to deliver an OTP package because the customer is not available or cannot provide the correct code, mark the package as undeliverable and select the appropriate reason. Return the package to the warehouse by 10 AM the following day. To protect your ratings, reach out to Amazon support and inform them about the situation proactively.

Dealing with Early and Late Deliveries

Amazon deliveries can occur as early as 3 am or as late as 11 pm. If it is too early or too late to obtain an OTP code, check your itinerary before starting your route. If you believe it will be impossible to obtain a code, ask a warehouse employee to remove the OTP deliveries from your itinerary without any impact on your ratings.

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If you choose to proceed with the delivery despite the timing, try to schedule it at the end of an early block or the beginning of a later block. This increases the chances of contacting the customer. However, if you find yourself at the customer’s doorstep at an inconvenient time, contact support and explain the situation. They can take steps to ensure that the undeliverable package does not negatively impact your ratings.

Amazon Flex Driver Reactions to OTP Deliveries

The introduction of OTPs has received mixed reactions from Amazon Flex drivers. Some drivers express frustration, foreseeing difficulties with customers not knowing the code or being unavailable. Others view OTPs as a necessary measure to prevent fraud and protect drivers.

In conclusion, while one-time passwords may introduce some challenges, understanding the procedures and communicating effectively with customers can help ensure successful deliveries. If you are an Amazon customer, make sure to familiarize yourself with the OTP process and share the code promptly with your driver. If you are an Amazon Flex driver, follow the guidelines provided by Amazon and reach out to support whenever necessary. Remember, efficient and reliable deliveries contribute to a positive experience for both customers and drivers.

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