Saturday, 13 Jul 2024

Snapchat Launches AR Lenses powered by Generative AI

Snapchat, the popular social media platform, has unveiled its latest innovation: AR Lenses powered by generative AI. This exciting development was announced at the Snap Partner Summit, where Snapchat showcased its new “Cosmic Lens” that transforms users and their surroundings into immersive sci-fi scenes.

According to Snap CTO Bobby Murphy, these new Lenses represent a new generation of creativity enabled by generative AI. The seamless integration of AI and AR opens up a world of possibilities for Snapchat’s vibrant community of AR creators, developers, and partners.

Enhancing the Snapchat Experience

Snapchat’s move into generative AI is in line with the platform’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. By leveraging AI, Snapchat aims to enhance its AR offerings and provide users with even more engaging and immersive experiences.

Snapchat joins the ranks of other social media platforms harnessing the power of AI to elevate their AR capabilities. TikTok, for example, recently wowed users with its hyper-realistic AI-powered “Bold Glamour” filter.

Making Lenses More Accessible

In addition to introducing generative AI Lenses, Snapchat is introducing features to make it easier for users to find and use Lenses that fit their needs. The app will recommend Lenses based on the context of a user’s captured photo or video. By leveraging visual understanding and APIs that consider factors like local weather, forecast, and time of day, Snapchat aims to provide personalized recommendations.

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To further enhance Lens discovery, Snapchat has improved its Lens Carousel ranking algorithms. This means that users will see Lenses recommended based on their unique preferences. Additionally, the AR Bar has been updated to organize hundreds of suggested Lenses by category, conveniently accessible on the Camera screen.

Expediting AR Creation

Snapchat is also testing ways to expedite the process of adding AR to Memories. Users will now see their recent shots alongside Lenses in the Snapchat Camera, making it easier to access them when sharing throwback Snaps.

Impressive AR Achievements

During the Snap Partner Summit, Snapchat also revealed impressive statistics highlighting the platform’s AR success. With over 300,000 AR creators and developers worldwide, Snapchat has seen the creation of more than 3 million Lenses. Some of its most popular Lenses have garnered over 10 billion views, demonstrating the overwhelming popularity and impact of AR within the Snapchat community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I use the new generative AI Lenses on Snapchat?
A: The new generative AI Lenses will be integrated into the Snapchat Camera. Simply open the Camera, select the Lens Carousel, and explore various Lenses, including the innovative “Cosmic Lens.”

Q: Can I customize the recommendations for Lenses on Snapchat?
A: Yes, Snapchat’s improved Lens Carousel ranking algorithms take into account your unique preferences to recommend Lenses that align with your interests. This ensures a more personalized and tailored experience.

Q: Is Snapchat the only social media platform using AI in its AR features?
A: No, Snapchat is not alone in harnessing the power of AI for its AR offerings. Other platforms, such as TikTok, have also embraced AI to enhance their AR capabilities and provide users with captivating experiences.

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Snapchat’s introduction of generative AI Lenses and enhancements to Lens discovery represent another significant step forward in the world of AR. By seamlessly integrating AI into the AR experience, Snapchat aims to provide its users with more engaging, personalized, and immersive content. With its ever-growing community of AR creators and developers, Snapchat continues to push the boundaries of technology and redefine what is possible in the world of social media.

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