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False Claim Debunked: Starbucks Name Change to ‘Vista Coffee’

starbucks name change

The claim: Starbucks changed its name to Vista Coffee

A viral Facebook post circulating on January 12 shows images of a bustling airport coffee shop called Vista Coffee. The post claims that Starbucks has changed its name and started operating as Vista Coffee in Dublin Airport. It gained significant traction, with over 1,000 shares in less than three weeks.

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Contrary to the claim, Starbucks has not changed its name, and the coffee shop depicted in the post is not a disguised Starbucks. In reality, the chain closed one of its locations in Dublin Airport, and a temporary brand named Vista Coffee took over the premises until a permanent brand replaces it later this year. During this interim period, Vista Coffee sells Starbucks beverages.

Temporary brand in place before new coffee shop opens

While the Facebook post includes a screenshot from Dublin Airport’s verified Twitter account, showcasing the newly opened Vista Coffee in Terminal 1, it is not evidence of a Starbucks name change.

Jaci Anderson, a Starbucks spokesperson, affirmed in an email to USA TODAY that there has been no rebranding. There are no credible news reports or official announcements on Starbucks’ website about the company changing its name.

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In a follow-up post on Twitter, Dublin Airport clarified that Vista Coffee replaced the Starbucks outlet that closed in December 2023. It will continue serving Starbucks products until a local brand, Bluebird Coffee Roasters and Wine Bar, takes over the space permanently in March. This transition is part of the airport’s efforts to revamp its food and drink options.


Starbucks still operates three locations in Dublin Airport, including one before the security checkpoint in Terminal 1. It’s worth noting that the Facebook post originated from an account advocating for boycotting companies that support Israel. Since October 2023, there have been calls to boycott Starbucks due to the company’s response to a pro-Palestinian social media post from its workers’ union. Starbucks and the union have engaged in legal battles, with Starbucks suing the union for copyright infringement, resulting in a countersuit, as reported by USA TODAY.

This isn’t the first time the same Facebook account has shared misinformation. It previously spread a false claim suggesting that product barcodes could be decoded to determine if they were from Israel.

When contacted for comment, the Facebook user who shared this false claim failed to provide any supporting evidence.

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