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Starlink Business Adds Two New Tiers Of Service

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The Starlink Business has recently introduced two new tiers of service, expanding its offerings to cater to a wider range of businesses. These additions aim to provide more flexibility and options for businesses in need of reliable internet connectivity. Let’s take a closer look at the new tiers and their features.

Starlink Business Tiers of Service

The original Starlink Business plan was priced at $500 per month and included a 2TB data cap. Users could purchase additional full-speed data at a rate of $1 per gigabyte. However, exceeding the monthly limit resulted in a significant drop in speed, throttling to a mere 1Mbps up and down.

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In response to user demands and changing market dynamics, Starlink has now introduced two additional tiers of service. The first tier is priced at $250 per month and offers 1TB of priority data. This lower-priced option is designed to cater to small businesses with fewer employees.

On the other end of the spectrum, Starlink’s highest tier is priced at $1500 per month and provides 6TB of priority data. This tier is suitable for larger businesses or those with higher data demands.

Furthermore, Starlink has also reduced the cost of additional data for all tiers, lowering it from $1 per gigabyte to just $0.50 per gigabyte. Users can set up automatic purchases of extra data if they exceed their allocated limits.

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Who is Starlink Business For?

Originally targeting small businesses with up to 20 users, Starlink Business aimed to provide reliable internet connectivity. However, the high pricing and data caps limited its appeal. With the introduction of the lower-priced tier, smaller businesses with a limited number of employees might find Starlink Business more attractive, as long as the data cap meets their requirements.

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Historically, Starlink users experienced high download speeds due to limited users and select market availability. However, as the user base expanded, congestion became an issue, leading to slower speeds. The Starlink Business plan, with its higher priority level, can help businesses enjoy faster speeds even in congested markets.

The Starlink High Performance Dish

The Starlink High Performance Dish

The Starlink HP Dish is the standard dish provided with the Starlink Business plan. It offers twice the antenna capacity and a wider field of view compared to the standard dish. This results in better performance in extreme temperatures and improved functionality in obstructed areas.

The cost of the HP Dish is now standardized across all plans at $2500 per dish. It is also available as an option for the Starlink residential plan, although with lower priority and guaranteed speeds. Additionally, a flat HP Dish, suitable for in-motion use, is available for the Starlink Maritime and Roam plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Starlink’s addition of two new tiers of service to its Starlink Business plan provides businesses with more options to meet their connectivity needs. The lower-priced tier makes Starlink Business more accessible to smaller businesses, while the higher-tier offers increased capacity for larger enterprises. With the Starlink HP Dish and improved data pricing, Starlink aims to deliver reliable and high-performance internet connectivity to businesses across various industries.

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