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The Book 2TB Win7 -64Bit -Too Many Attempts? – HEEELP

If you’ve ever encountered a situation where your external hard drive suddenly stops working, you know how frustrating it can be. One Reddit user, who considers themselves a tech enthusiast, recently shared their experience with a Western Digital external hard drive, specifically The Book 2TB Win7 -64Bit. They were in need of help, as they had encountered an issue with too many failed attempts to access their drive. In this article, we’ll delve into the problem at hand and explore possible solutions.

The Problem: Too Many Attempts?

The user had followed the instructions provided by WD, which involved disconnecting the drive from their computer, turning it off and on, reconnecting it, and attempting to enter the password again. However, despite going through this process multiple times, they were still unable to access their drive. Frustration mounted as they realized that the issue persisted.

Seeking Clarity: Understanding the Issue

To provide more context, the user explained their intended use for the external drive. They had chosen The Book 2TB Win7 -64Bit out of their collection of external drives to store video game console emulators and related ROMs. They emphasized that they had downloaded these ROMs from popular websites that promptly remove any infringing games upon copyright holders’ request. Their intention was to avoid potential viruses that could be present on peer-to-peer torrent sites, opting instead for a safer method of obtaining old video games.

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Troubleshooting WD SmartWare

The user suspected that their troubles might be related to a bug in WD’s SmartWare software. They had recently updated the software and firmware, but the problem persisted. The bug in question was related to the drive’s recognition of its own hardware when connected to a computer with a different IP address than usual. Nevertheless, this bug was supposedly resolved in the latest software update, leaving the user perplexed as to why they were still encountering issues.

Exploring Other Possibilities

Considering the possibility of a trojan infecting the external drive, the user tried various troubleshooting steps. They attempted to create a new directory on the drive but were unable to save any files. Rebooting the drive did not rectify the situation either. Despite updating the firmware and software, the user’s girlfriend’s computer and their own computer continued to display the “Too many attempts” warning. The only viable option presented was to format the drive, which they were willing to try in Safe Mode if necessary.

A Lesson for Other Owners

In conclusion, the user shared a valuable lesson they had learned through this experience. They urged other owners of Book Essential drives to ensure that both their firmware and software are up-to-date. Neglecting these updates could potentially lead to a corrupt drive and the loss of valuable data. In their case, they regretted not updating their software promptly, as their drive had become so corrupted that it affected other programs and hindered internet access. They hoped that by sharing their story, others would avoid making the same mistake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if my external hard drive shows a “Too many attempts” error?
A: If you encounter this error, start by following the recommended steps provided by the manufacturer. This usually involves disconnecting the drive, turning it off and on, and attempting to enter the password again. If the issue persists, try updating the firmware and software for your external drive.

Q: Can a trojan infect my external hard drive?
A: While it is possible for a trojan or other malware to infect an external hard drive, the likelihood of this occurring may vary depending on your browsing habits and the sources from which you download files. It’s always advisable to exercise caution and download files from reputable sources to minimize the risk of malware infections.

Q: How can I prevent data loss on my external hard drive?
A: To prevent data loss, regularly back up your important files to a separate storage device or cloud service. Additionally, keeping your firmware and software up-to-date can help ensure the optimal performance and security of your external drive.


Dealing with a malfunctioning external hard drive can be a daunting task, especially when faced with the “Too many attempts” error. In this article, we explored a user’s experience with their Western Digital external drive and their efforts to troubleshoot the issue. By sharing their story, they hope to raise awareness about the importance of keeping firmware and software up-to-date, emphasizing that neglecting these updates can result in data loss and drive corruption. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for troubleshooting and seek professional assistance if necessary. Stay informed and safeguard your valuable data. Peace and cheers!

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