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Extension and “password manager” simultaneously running? Plus – “Hide My Email” interference

turn off hide my email on iphone

The world of technology can sometimes be confusing, especially when multiple features are running simultaneously. In this article, we will discuss the challenges of having both the Safari Extension and the Password Autofill component enabled at the same time, as well as the interference caused by Apple’s “Hide My Email” feature.

Running Both the Safari Extension and Autofill Component

As an iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 user, you may have noticed that the Safari Extension and the Password Autofill component are both active in Safari. While the idea of having an extension is appealing, Autofill is usually faster and more reliable. However, there are instances where the Extension may not appear when tapping in signin fields or may take a long time to appear.

To simplify matters, you might consider turning off Autofill temporarily. However, doing so would result in losing autofill functionality in apps other than Safari. Therefore, it seems necessary to live with both features enabled in Safari.

Interference from “Hide My Email”

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To complicate things further, “Hide My Email” occupies the keyboard spot that 1Password used to use. This interference can cause inconvenience and disrupt the seamless user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it expected to enable both the Safari extension and the autofill component?
  2. Can the autofill component be disabled when running Safari, with the extension enabled?
  3. Why does Autofill in Safari no longer offer suggested logins at the top center of the keyboard?
  4. How can I turn off the “Hide My Email” feature in Safari, as it interferes with 1Password’s use of the keyboard area?


The current situation with both the Safari Extension and the Password Autofill component running simultaneously, along with the interference from “Hide My Email,” can be frustrating. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no straightforward solution to this problem at the moment.

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