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The Top 5 Features and Enhancements of UKG Pro Spring Release Upgrade

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With the UKG Pro Spring Release upgrade just around the corner, it’s time to get excited about the top 5 features and enhancements that will be coming your way. While there are many new additions to the UKG Pro solution, these five are particularly noteworthy. Let’s dive in and explore what you can expect:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protecting your data is our utmost priority at UKG. To ensure maximum security, we are introducing mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as part of our enhanced login requirements. By implementing MFA and a new password policy, we are adding multiple layers of protection to your access to UKG solutions. This combination of MFA and strong passwords is key to enhancing login security and keeping your data secure.

Payroll Modeling Feature

Imagine being able to estimate a payroll with ease. Our upcoming Payroll Modeling feature allows you to do just that. You’ll have the ability to model potential bonuses, equity amounts, and more for off-cycle payrolls. This feature empowers you to process a payroll and save the data without impacting your employees’ year-to-date values or having to undo payroll steps.

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Name Pronunciation Feature

Never worry about mispronouncing a colleague’s name again. The new Name Pronunciation feature, available on the UKG Pro solution and the UKG Pro mobile app, allows users to add a phonetic spelling of their name to their employee profile page and the employee directory. This ensures that everyone can pronounce names correctly, fostering a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Hybrid Employee Location Allocation

Simplify your work tasks and save precious time with the Hybrid Employee Location Allocation feature. This functionality allows you to easily set up and maintain complex and evolving work scenarios in your employee data. You can configure an allocation percentage for an employee’s non-primary locations, streamlining the allocation of work responsibilities.

Copy Life Events

We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we’re introducing the Copy Life Events feature. Instead of creating new sessions every time, you can now copy existing Life Event sessions. This new feature significantly reduces the time required to configure a Life Event session and simplifies the process for administrators.

To learn more about these exciting features and enhancements coming with your UKG Pro Spring Release, visit the UKG Pro 2023 Spring Release page in the Learning Center. Additionally, make sure to join one of our upcoming webinars for a detailed overview and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these features available for all UKG Pro users?
A: Yes, the features mentioned in this article will be available to all UKG Pro users as part of the Spring Release upgrade.

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Q: Can I customize the phonetic spelling of my name?
A: Yes, you can personalize the phonetic spelling of your name in the employee profile page.

Q: Will I need to set up Multi-Factor Authentication myself?
A: No, Multi-Factor Authentication will be implemented automatically as part of the enhanced login requirements.


The UKG Pro Spring Release brings with it an exciting array of features and enhancements that will enhance your experience and streamline your workflows. From Multi-Factor Authentication to the Copy Life Events feature, these additions are designed to prioritize your data security and simplify your daily tasks. Stay tuned for the Spring Release and make the most of the new features coming your way.