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Computer Password for Ward Prime in Subject 2923 – Remnant From the Ashes

During the Subject 2923 campaign in Remnant From the Ashes, players will come across a variety of secrets and puzzles to solve. One of the secrets that can be found early on is a chessboard in an office on the B1 floor of Ward Prime. This chessboard serves as a clue to unlock a nearby computer. If you’re searching for the computer password for Ward Prime in Subject 2923, you’re in the right place. Follow our guide below for the solution.

Important: Before attempting this puzzle, make sure to turn on the power with the fuse. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete it. Please leave a comment to let me know if the code worked or didn’t work, as it may be randomly generated.

Where to Find the Office with Computer Puzzle in Ward Prime?

To solve this puzzle, you first need to locate the office. Head to the main floor B1 and go to the right of the entrance with the checkpoint. Follow the hallway until you come across a sign that says “Main Bay.” To the right of the sign, you’ll find a doorway labeled “Dr. Enji Sato and Dr. Sebastian Weisskopf.” Enter this office to find a chessboard and two computers. This office also contains the Homestead Basement Key if you previously rolled that checkpoint.

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Office Puzzle Solution in Ward Prime

Interact with the puzzle board on the desk next to the wall to see the image provided. This puzzleboard serves as a clue to determine the password for the computer. Analyze the board and the letters on it to deduce the password. The password to enter into the computer on the desk is 241351. Once you’ve inputted the password, select enter.

Where to Find the Machine Pistol

If you correctly entered the password, you will see an option to Unlock Storage Room. Open the storage room located in the bottom right corner of the office and enter it. Inside a locker within the room, you will discover the Machine Pistol (Pistol).

That’s all you need to know to solve the computer password puzzle in the office in Ward Prime. This puzzle is just one of many you will come across while playing the Subject 2923 DLC. If you need assistance with more puzzles, refer to our Reisum dungeons list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Subject 2923 in Remnant From the Ashes?

    • Subject 2923 is a campaign DLC for the game Remnant From the Ashes. It introduces new areas, enemies, bosses, and secrets for players to explore and conquer.
  2. Are there other puzzles in Ward Prime?

    • Yes, Ward Prime contains multiple puzzles that players can solve to uncover various secrets and rewards.
  3. Do I need to turn on the power with the fuse in Ward Prime?

    • Yes, turning on the power with the fuse is essential for completing certain puzzles in Ward Prime. Make sure to activate it before attempting any puzzles.
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Solving the computer password puzzle in the office in Ward Prime is crucial to progress through the Subject 2923 campaign in Remnant From the Ashes. By following our guide, you can easily unlock the computer and access the storage room to find the Machine Pistol. Remember to explore other areas and engage in more puzzles to uncover all the secrets the game has to offer.

Share your thoughts on our guide and let us know if the information provided was helpful. Feel free to leave your comments below or in The Pit.