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DashLink orders on DoorDash: Package delivery with high pay!

DoorDash drivers have recently noticed a new type of order called DashLink that offers a unique and exciting opportunity for higher earnings. Unlike regular lunch deliveries, DashLink orders involve picking up multiple packages from one location, such as a DashMart, and delivering each package to a different location. This means longer delivery routes with 25+ stops and up to 40 miles of driving. But the best part? The initial payouts have been substantial, with drivers receiving offers as high as $245 for 28 stops! With just one large DashLink offer, you can easily reach your earnings goal for the day.

More examples of DashLink Offers

Let’s take a look at some real examples to give you an idea of the potential earnings. One Dasher received a $191 offer for 28 stops on a 43-mile route, which comes out to over $4 per mile! Another DashLink offer was for $120 with 24 stops on a 20-mile route, with Petco as the pickup location. Additionally, a driver who joined the Dashlink Waitlist received a $129 offer for a Petco delivery, completing 14 stops over a 73-mile route and a 30-mile drive back home.

How to get DashLink orders

DashLink orders appear just like any other offer on the DoorDash app. However, in cities where the Dashlink Waitlist feature is available, joining the waitlist can significantly increase your chances of landing an order. If you’re not on the Waitlist, being in proximity to a pickup location can still improve your chances of receiving a DashLink offer. But once you’re on the Waitlist, your proximity no longer matters.

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The Dashlink Waitlist

DoorDash may invite you to join the Dashlink Waitlist if you’re in an eligible market and your account has been preselected. The Waitlist allows you to sign up ahead of time to receive DashLink offers later in the same day. Offers are prioritized for drivers on the Waitlist, giving you a higher chance of receiving them.

To sign up and join the Waitlist, DoorDash will send you a Waitlist link if you’re eligible. Simply tap on the link to sign up. When available, the option to join the Waitlist will appear in the Dasher app, usually near the Dash Now button. However, keep in mind that Waitlist spots are limited and fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up early.

How the Waitlist works

The Waitlist opens early each morning, around 7 AM. Spots are limited, and if there are already enough drivers signed up, you won’t be able to join. However, spots may become available later in the day if drivers don’t accept offers, so it’s worth checking back to see if a spot opens up for you. Once you’re on the Waitlist, make sure to note your estimated pickup time and be online close to that time.

DashLink offers will appear in the same way as regular offers on the DoorDash app. You have the option to decline offers, but remember that declining more than 2 offers will result in your removal from the Waitlist. While you’re on the Waitlist, you’re still free to pick up other orders and continue earning.

It’s important to note that the Waitlist feature will show you a pickup location with a highlighted area around it, but you don’t have to be inside that zone to receive offers. As long as you’re on the Waitlist, you have a chance to receive DashLink offers.

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DashLink orders are usually for DashMart, Petco, and other retailers

Currently, DashLink orders are commonly associated with DashMart and Petco, but DoorDash may also utilize DashLink to subcontract same-day deliveries from other retailers or shippers. If you receive DashLink offers from stores like Petco, make sure you have enough room in your car to accommodate all the packages. Smaller 2-door vehicles might not have enough space for every package, so keep that in mind.

Long routes can mean more miles and complications

While DashLink orders offer higher pay, it’s important to consider the potential challenges that come with longer delivery routes. Just like Amazon Flex drivers, DoorDash drivers may encounter complications such as difficulty finding parking, no gate codes, or customers who don’t answer their phones. When you have 25+ stops to make, these complications can significantly extend your day and lower your earnings per hour. It’s crucial to keep a close eye on the payout per mile when accepting DashLink orders and aim for a rate of $1.50 per mile or higher. After all, a $100 DashLink order isn’t very profitable if you have to drive 150 miles.

The pay is high for now, but will it stay that way?

The initial DashLink orders have demonstrated impressively high pay, with offers ranging from $120 to $245. In comparison, regular DoorDash orders may offer lower earnings, with earn by time offers as low as $12 per hour and many deliveries only providing base pay for up to half an hour of work. However, it’s important to note that pay for new order types like DashLink usually starts high and then gradually decreases over time as the program matures. DoorDash aims to incentivize Dashers to embrace DashLink, but as the program grows, pay rates may align more closely with typical order pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I increase my chances of receiving DashLink orders?
A: If you’re in an eligible market, joining the Dashlink Waitlist can significantly improve your chances. Additionally, being in proximity to a pickup location may also increase your chances if you’re not on the Waitlist.

Q: Can I decline DashLink offers?
A: Yes, you have the option to decline DashLink offers. However, declining more than 2 offers while on the Waitlist will result in your removal from the Waitlist.

Q: Can I pick up other orders while on the Waitlist?
A: Absolutely! You’re free to pick up other orders and continue earning while you’re on the Dashlink Waitlist.

Q: Which retailers currently use DashLink?
A: Currently, DashLink is commonly associated with DashMart and Petco. However, DoorDash may also utilize DashLink for same-day deliveries from other retailers or shippers.


DashLink orders offer DoorDash drivers an exciting opportunity to earn higher payouts with longer delivery routes. While the initial payouts have been substantial, it’s important to consider the potential challenges that come with longer routes and complications that may arise. By joining the Dashlink Waitlist and being in proximity to pickup locations, you can increase your chances of receiving DashLink offers. Just remember that as the program matures, pay rates may decrease closer to typical order pay. So take advantage of the high payouts while they’re available and embrace the DashLink experience!

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