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Eireview – Extractive Industries Review

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Nitro Type IBM Team Stats Beta

Let’s start by diving into the Nitro Type IBM team stats, currently in beta. Our team has generated these stats at 11:30 MST on 10/23/2022. Please note that these stats are subject to updates every 10 minutes.

Nitro Type

Do you have any feedback or suggestions about the Nitro Type IBM team stats? Feel free to let us know on our Discord channel.

S0RC Cross-Team Blitz

We are excited to join S0RC’s team for another cross-team blitz. This blitz is in celebration of Comet being a captain for one year. The cross-team blitz has a prize pool of 210 million and starts on 10/21/22 at 6 PM EDT, ending on 10/23/22 at 6 PM EDT. Remember to participate in at least 100 races to be entered to win.

For further information and stats, click the following image:

Rungthang1’s Competition Standings

Rungthang1 is hosting a 50 million blitz competition. The prizes for this competition are as follows: first place will receive 25 million, second place will receive 15 million, and third place will receive 10 million. The competition will end on Thursday (10/20) at 9 AM CST.

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If we manage to secure a spot in the Top 5, the winnings and prizes for the top 6 racers will increase:

  • 1st: 50,000,000
  • 2nd: 25,000,000
  • 3rd: 15,000,000
  • 4th: 10,000,000
  • 5th: 5,000,000
  • 6th: 1,000,000

Here are the current standings:

  • 1st: 13,357 races, 552,219 points, and an average reward of 25,000,000
  • 2nd: Dmtechno, 1,927 races, 295,005 points, and an average reward of 15,000,000
  • 3rd: 士Karacter士, 1,466 races, 228,325 points, and an average reward of 10,000,000

For the full list of standings, please refer to the original article.


We want to express our gratitude to those who have generously donated Nitro Type cash to support ComputerHope’s future competitions. Below is a list of the recent donations made:

  • IDRacerDonated
  • 46493602ComputerHope
  • 441,969,204sussyBAKA
  • 412,500,000Dmtechno
  • 190,000,000rungthang1
  • 150,000,000chonkrdoggr
  • 123,456,789士Karacter士

For a complete list of all combined donations, please refer to the original article.

NT Cash Owed

Our team values the hard work and dedication of our racers. As a token of appreciation, we pay our racers 500,000 NT Cash for every 100 races, even during competitions. The following table shows recent racers who are owed NT Cash and will be paid when the next payments are sent out. If you’re saving your money, you can skip to the savings section.

  • 士Karacter士 is owed 2,500,000 NT Cash
  • 247988751tournerdanslevide is owed 4,000,000 NT Cash
  • __Nick is owed 500,000 NT Cash
  • VitLi is owed 739,655 NT Cash
  • Come Home is owed 576,800 NT Cash
  • Domestic Valor is owed 500,000 NT Cash

For a complete list of racers owed NT Cash, please refer to the original article.

Saving for NT Gold or NT Gold Renewal

If you’re more interested in getting NT Gold or renewing your existing NT Gold instead of NT Cash for your races, you have the option to save your earned NT Cash. Once you’ve saved 30M, an NT Gold or NT Gold renewal will be purchased for your IBM account. You can also choose to save your competition winnings to your savings. Racers who decide to save their competition money will see an (S) next to their reward value during competitions. If you wish to opt for this option, please send a DM to ComputerHope on Discord.

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In Danger of Being Kicked

The following IBM team racers are at risk of being kicked due to not meeting the 30 races on join requirement, not doing the 50 weekly races, or engaging in sandbagging or botting. Racers who have contributed to team races receive a +20 R-Bonus (race bonus) points for each team race and +20 for each joined bonus point.

  • lebronjameswise: 111 races, 31 WPM, and +1480 bonus points
  • emanfr: 77 races, 33 WPM, and +1500 bonus points
  • steve: 12 races, 11 WPM, and +1520 bonus points
  • Predator: 109 races, 50 WPM, and +1540 bonus points

For more detailed information on the kick predictions, please refer to the original article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are IBM team requirements?

When joining IBM, you are expected to complete at least 30 races on join. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the team. After completing the 30 races on join, the requirement changes to 50 races per week or a total of 6,000 points in a season. This weekly requirement allows team members to have some flexibility in taking days off.

How are officers handled?

The officer spots are reserved for the top racers. If you want an officer spot, you need to exceed the lowest officer’s race count in terms of team races.

Can I have NT Cash or NT Gold?

Absolutely! By actively participating in races, you will be rewarded with NT Cash or have the chance to win NT Gold through competitions.

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When do you send out NT Cash for races?

We try to log in every day to reward our racers for every 100 races. However, please note that you may not receive your NT Cash immediately. It may take some time until you log out and log back into Nitro Type.

Should I let you know when I’ve done 100 races?

No, we keep track of the NT Cash owed section to identify who is owed. If you are listed in that section, you will be paid accordingly when the next payments are sent out.

How much do I need to race for NT Gold?

NT Golds can be won during competitions where NT Golds are offered as prizes. Alternatively, you can choose to save your NT Cash until you have accumulated 30 million to purchase an NT Gold or NT Gold renewal for your IBM account.

For answers to more frequently asked questions, please refer to the original article.


We hope you found this article informative and engaging. Eireview is committed to providing you with the latest insights into the world of information technology and its impact on various industries. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and technological advancements. Remember, at Eireview, we are always here to help you navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape.