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Some Hulu users reportedly asked to ‘replace the password’ upon login, issue under investigation

why does hulu keep making me change my password

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With so many streaming services to choose from, Hulu comes across as one of the most preferred platforms as it boasts thousands of TV shows and movies. However, that does not mean that it is immune to various bugs and issues. For instance, we recently highlighted a ‘RUNUNK13’ error code on PC and another when switching profiles.

Hulu asking to replace the password

Some users have now been reporting an issue where Hulu is repeatedly logging them out of their accounts and forcing them to replace their passwords.

“@hulu_support why is it I have to reset my password to get my account working again on ONE DEVICE???” – Source

“Is anyone having trouble with their Hulu mobile app? Telling me I have to replace my password when I try to log in” – Source

Apparently, Hulu is prompting some users to repeatedly reset their passwords but is not sending them the verification code that is required to do so. Even when they get the code after several minutes, it eventually gets timed out. This is inevitably creating an endless loop where users try to contact support, but it keeps asking them to log in via a verification code.

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Some of those affected are also considering canceling their subscriptions as it keeps throwing the following error:

Source (Click/ tap to view)

Official acknowledgment

The Hulu team is already aware of the issue in question and is currently investigating. However, there are no details yet on an estimated arrival date for a fix.


Potential workaround

We have also come across a workaround that can help fix the issue where Hulu is constantly asking some users to replace the password in order to log in. You can check it out below:

“Just follow the prompts and enter your existing password to “replace”… I did that and it worked just fine” – Source

Those affected can try the above-mentioned workaround until the team comes up with a permanent solution. And when they do, we’ll be updating this space accordingly so stay tuned for more.

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In conclusion, Hulu users are experiencing an issue where they are repeatedly asked to replace their passwords upon login. This issue has been acknowledged by the Hulu team and is currently under investigation. Meanwhile, affected users can try a workaround by following the prompts and entering their existing password to “replace” it. We will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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