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PS5: Why Are My Games Locked?

If you’re a PS5 gamer and find your games locked on your console, it can be incredibly frustrating. With exciting titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Hogwarts Legacy on the horizon, locked games can feel like a major setback. But fear not, there are reasons why this happens and solutions to unlock your games.

Why Are My Games Locked on PS5?

According to Seeking Tech, there are several possible reasons why your games may be locked on your PS5 console. One reason could be that parental controls are enabled on your PS5. Whether intentionally or accidentally, age restrictions set by you or a parent/guardian may be the cause.

Another possibility is that a game appears locked if you played it on a PS4 using a physical disk. Since the PS5 supports backward compatibility, it will display all the PS4-era games you’ve played.

Additionally, if you purchased a game using a different account on your PlayStation Store, it may appear as a locked game if the linked account from PS Plus has unsubscribed from the service.

How to Unlock Locked Games on PS5

If your games are locked on your PS5, there are simple solutions to unlocking them.

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One solution is restoring the game licenses on your PS5. Log into the account that was used to purchase the locked games. If it was a friend’s account, it might be necessary to have a conversation to resolve this. Once logged in, navigate to Settings and select Users and Accounts. From there, choose Other and click on Restore Licenses. This should grant you access to the locked games.

For locked PS4 games, inserting the PS4 disk into your PS5 should resolve the issue. However, if you own a PS5 Digital Edition console, you’ll need to purchase these games digitally to play them.

If you’re attempting to play an online game or a game obtained through PS Plus, remember that an active PS Plus membership is required.

Additionally, ensure there are no issues with the PlayStation Network. You can check the status of the PSN network and wait until it’s back up and running if there are any reported problems.

Lastly, make sure your PlayStation is connected to the internet. Troubleshoot your internet connection if necessary to ensure connectivity to the PSN network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the possible reasons why my games are locked on PS5?
A: Games can be locked due to parental controls, playing PS4 games with physical disks on the PS5, or purchasing games using a different account that is no longer linked to PS Plus.

Q: How can I unlock locked games on my PS5?
A: You can restore game licenses, insert PS4 disks into your PS5, ensure an active PS Plus membership, check the PlayStation Network status, and ensure a stable internet connection.

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Having your games locked on your PS5 console can be frustrating, but understanding why it happens and following the steps to unlock them can save you from a gaming crisis. Restoring licenses, inserting disks, ensuring active memberships, checking network status, and maintaining internet connectivity will help you get back to playing your favorite games on your PS5. So don’t panic when your games are locked – there’s always a way to unlock them and continue your gaming adventure.

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