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YouTube TV Password Sharing — Is It a Real Concern?

youtube tv password

There has been some speculation lately about YouTube TV cracking down on password sharing, similar to what Netflix is doing. However, the truth is quite different. YouTube TV’s account structure plays a significant role in this discussion, and it’s important to understand how it works.

YouTube TV Family Sharing

YouTube TV allows for up to six family members to share one subscription, with one of them serving as the primary account holder. These family members must be individuals who are older than 13 and live with the primary account holder. The management of accounts and access is facilitated through the “family group” scheme tied to your Google account.

Google Account Integration

All YouTube TV accounts are tied to individual Google accounts, which also grant access to various other Google services. This means that sharing a Google account, which may have payment information attached, with someone outside of your household solely for the purpose of sharing a streaming service is not advisable.

Moreover, YouTube TV recognizes when users are away from home and allows them to watch content remotely. However, for advertising and programming purposes, it requires users to indicate their location. While you can change your main location up to twice a year, prolonged absences from that location may affect local broadcast channels.

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Recent Bug and Fixes

A few Reddit posts raised concerns about family members being prompted to sign up for YouTube TV, despite already being authorized users. This issue was quickly acknowledged by Google-associated accounts as a bug. They recommended removing and re-adding family members to the family group as a temporary fix while they worked on a permanent solution. It’s worth noting that the number of subscribers on YouTube TV has surpassed 5 million as of June 2022, indicating that these isolated incidents do not represent a widespread problem.


In conclusion, the recent buzz surrounding YouTube TV password sharing is largely a result of a bug rather than a deliberate crackdown. Comparing it to Netflix’s approach is misleading since the account structures and their handling of sharing differ greatly. YouTube TV remains committed to providing a seamless and secure experience for its users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I share my YouTube TV subscription with family members?
A: Yes, YouTube TV allows up to six family members to share one subscription.

Q: Are YouTube TV and Netflix account structures the same?
A: No, YouTube TV accounts are tied to individual Google accounts that grant access to various Google services, while Netflix accounts are exclusive to Netflix.

Q: Can I watch YouTube TV while away from home?
A: Yes, YouTube TV allows users to watch content remotely, but it requires them to indicate their location for advertising and programming purposes.

Q: Is the recent bug fixed now?
A: Google is actively working on a fix to address the bug encountered by some users. Removing and re-adding family members to the family group can provide a temporary solution.

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