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Tower of Fantasy: Exploring the Deconstruction Devices and PDC2 Password

deconstruction device pdc2

Tower of Fantasy is an engaging and immersive open-world MMORPG that combines anime and sci-fi elements. Developed by Hotta Studio and released by Level Infinite, this game is accessible on both PC and mobile devices, compatible with Android and iOS platforms. In this expansive game, players can explore a meticulously designed world map and uncover countless hidden treasures.

The Intriguing Deconstruction Devices

Tower of Fantasy features secluded areas on the map that hide valuable rewards. However, these areas can only be accessed by inputting the correct code into the deconstruction devices that protect them. These interactive objects are strategically placed in hard-to-reach locations, adding an additional level of complexity to the game.

The PDC2 Deconstruction Device

To unlock these locked rooms, players must find the correct password and enter it into the corresponding deconstruction device. Each device has its unique password. In this article, we will focus on a specific deconstruction device called PDC2 and its password in Tower of Fantasy.

The PDC2 deconstruction device can be found at the coordinates 736.7, 851.5 on the in-game map. It is located within Crown Mines, near the regions of Lumina and Aida Secret Base. To reach this device, players must navigate through perilous environments and overcome various obstacles.

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Dealing with Radiation

One significant challenge when approaching the PDC2 device is the radiation in the vicinity. As players get closer to the device, they will experience radiation damage every second. It is crucial to exercise caution and come well-prepared when exploring these regions. It is advisable to enhance your character’s level to ensure you have the required strength and endurance to endure the radiation.

Protection Against Radiation

To protect yourself from radiation damage, it is highly recommended to carry a potent suppressor with you. This will effectively counter the effects of radiation and ensure your safety as you navigate through these dangerous areas.

Unlocking PDC2

Once you reach the PDC2 deconstruction device, you need to input the password “7268” to unlock it. Unlocking the device successfully will reward you with a Gold Nucleus and 15 crown exploration points. These valuable rewards can significantly enhance your gameplay and progress in Tower of Fantasy.

Other Deconstruction Devices

It is worth mentioning that Tower of Fantasy features various types of deconstruction devices, such as PDC1 and PDW1. Each device has its distinct password and in-game location. Exploring and uncovering these devices adds an element of thrill and mystery to the gaming experience.

Tower of Fantasy offers players an exciting adventure filled with hidden riches and intricate puzzles. Deconstruction devices, like the PDC2, safeguard valuable rewards hidden behind locked doors, requiring players to locate and input the precise password for access. By venturing into the expansive realm of Tower of Fantasy and overcoming perilous challenges, players can stumble upon these devices and enjoy the rewards they hold. So, equip your suppressor, enhance your character’s level, and embark on a quest to unveil the mysteries of Tower of Fantasy!

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Q: Can I play Tower of Fantasy on both PC and mobile devices?

A: Yes, Tower of Fantasy is available for both PC and mobile devices running on Android and iOS platforms.

Q: Are there other deconstruction devices in the game?

A: Yes, apart from the PDC2, there are other deconstruction devices like the PDC1 and PDW1, each with their unique passwords and locations.

Q: What rewards can I expect from unlocking the PDC2 deconstruction device?

A: Upon unlocking the PDC2 deconstruction device, you will be rewarded with a Gold Nucleus and 15 crown exploration points, which can greatly enhance your gameplay and progress in Tower of Fantasy.