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No Android N Custom ROM Available? We Have The Solution For You

Unlike Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the new Android N, also known as Android 7.0 Nougat, is a major update. While Nexus and Xperia Z3 users can enjoy Android Nougat, other Android users have been left out with no official Android N ROM available. However, if you want to experience the Android N features and look on your Android device, we have a workaround. Here are some apps and mods that you can use to get Android Nougat-like features:

1. Android N Wallpapers

The Android N Developer Preview comes with four new wallpapers that look great. You can download these wallpapers or get the Android N HD Wallpapers app, which includes all the official wallpapers and more.

2. Android N Icons & Folder Style

Google has updated a few apps with new icons on Android N. You can easily get these new icons by updating the respective apps on your device. Additionally, Android N brings a new folder style, which you can easily get on your Android device via Nova Launcher.

3. The Quick Reply feature

Android N brings the ability to quickly reply to messages via support for inline reply actions in the notification center. You can easily get this feature on any Android device running 5.0 or above via the quickReply app.

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4. Customize Quick Settings

Android N lets you customize the Quick Settings panel in the notification shade and allows developers to create custom toggles. Although you cannot get this feature on any Android device yet, you can customize the toggles on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

5. Split Screen Multitasking

The split screen multitasking feature in Android N is very impressive. While you need to root your Android device to get this feature, you can also check out some cool multitasking apps for Android.

6. Improved Doze

Android N improves the Doze functionality introduced in Marshmallow. You can force the Doze mode to be activated the moment you lock your device using the ForceDoze app.

7. Rumored Navigation Bar

Android N is rumored to bring a slightly revamped navigation bar with opaque icons that animate differently under different conditions. If you have a CyanogenMod or any custom ROM with CyanogenMod’s theme engine built-in, you can install and apply the N Nav Bar theme to get this rumored navigation bar style.

8. Other Android N Features

Android N also includes other cool features such as the ability to change DPI, a new data saver mode, UI changes, and call blocking & screening integration. You can get these features on your Android device through various methods like changing DPI using Texdroider, using apps like Opera Max for data saving, and installing custom ROMs with CyanogenMod theme engine for UI changes.

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Please note that these workarounds may require root access or the installation of third-party apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get the Android Nougat experience on my Android device without a custom ROM?
A: Yes, you can use apps and mods to get Android Nougat-like features and look on any Android device.

Q: Which Android devices are compatible with these workarounds?
A: These workarounds should work on Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.

Q: Are these workarounds safe for my Android device?
A: While these workarounds are generally safe, it is always recommended to backup your device and proceed with caution.


While waiting for an official Android N custom ROM, you can try these solutions to get the various Android N features and its look on your Android device. Keep in mind that development in this area may take some time, and we can expect more after Google releases the final stable Android N build later this fall. In the meantime, enjoy the Android N experience with these workarounds, and stay tuned for updates on an Android Nougat custom ROM.

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