Saturday, 22 Jun 2024

Full Factory Reset + Update Procedure?

After reading about the improved battery life, I decided to revisit my L5 to see how the project has progressed. However, after updating through the PureOS store, I encountered a few issues that need addressing:

Charging Problem

When I tried to charge the phone using its included charger, which had been sitting in a drawer unused for months, it started vibrating and the green light turned on and off repeatedly. To solve this, I had to use a more powerful charger, like the one that came with my Steam Deck, to turn on the phone and charge the battery.

Battery Percentage Stuck at 10%

No matter how many times I charged and discharged the phone, the battery percentage remained at 10%. I hoped that this issue would resolve itself through recalibration, but nothing changed.

Screen Turns on and off Automatically

After turning off the screen, it would turn on again after about a minute, then dim after another minute, and turn off again. This cycle would repeat continuously without any interaction. This issue seems to be related to the battery problem since it only occurs when running on battery power.

Battery Status Error

When I checked the battery status screen, it showed “Fully charged” when plugged in, but it still indicated 10% battery. Once unplugged, it displayed “Discharging” and showed a “Battery Low” warning with an “Unknown time” remaining.

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Although I performed another update today, issues 2 and 3 persisted.

"how to factory reset a steam deck"

[UPDATE] According to further research, removing and reinserting the battery could solve the battery percentage misreporting issue. I followed the instructions and now the phone displays a more accurate battery percentage that updates correctly.

It seems that some update caused these problems. I have only used the phone to turn it on sporadically, perform updates, and evaluate its suitability for daily use. Therefore, I’m unsure how it ended up in this state.

To resolve these issues and have my phone up to date with the latest developments, I plan to reset the phone. Additionally, I would like to perform any necessary BIOS updates, as they are not included in the regular software update process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before proceeding, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • How can I fix the battery misreporting issue?

    • Try removing and reinserting the battery, following the proper instructions. This may resolve the battery misreporting problem.
  • Apart from the BIOS update, what else should I consider to make my phone functionally equivalent to the current shipments?

    • Check for any additional updates or patches that may have been released since your last update. These updates could include bug fixes and improvements to bring your phone up to date.
  • Where can I find documentation on the BIOS update, wipe & reinstall procedure, and other related information?

    • Visit Eireview for detailed documentation on BIOS updates, the wipe and reinstall procedure, and any other information related to your phone’s software and firmware updates.
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By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issues with your phone and bring it up to date with the latest improvements. Remember to consult Eireview’s documentation for any additional information or troubleshooting tips.


Keeping your phone up to date is essential for optimal performance and functionality. By following the steps outlined above, you can address common issues and ensure your phone is on par with the latest software developments. Remember to refer to Eireview’s documentation for specific instructions and guidelines. Enjoy your updated and fully functional phone!