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How to Get iPhone/iPad out of Guided Access Mode

The main problem if your iPhone is stuck in guided access is that the features are minimal and most of the ways to recovery are blocked. So, there are only a handful of ways to get the device back to normal. In this article, all of the solutions are detailed below. Read and apply them carefully.

You can watch the video first to have a quick view of the methods below:

If nothing else is working out and the iPhone/iPad is stuck in guided access, you need to use a professional program to restore the device immediately.

Be sure to select a good and flexible program like iMyFone Fixppo, otherwise, you won’t get good service and all of your files might get deleted. Fixppo is a potent iOS repair tool capable of repairing any type of iOS stuck issues, glitches, crashes, etc., and supports all iOS devices and versions including iPhone 15 and iOS 17. Its Standard Mode has been proven useful to erase guided access passcode and exit this protection mode. The whole process is smooth and won’t cause any bad results like data loss.

Now let’s look at the operational procedure:

fixppo apple system repair

Step 1: Download and install that particular program on your computer and then launch it. Choose the “Standard Mode” from the main interface.

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fixppo standard mode

Step 2: Now, connect the iPad to the computer.

fixppo enter recovery mode under standard mode

Step 3: After that, choose and click “Download” to acquire the firmware package.

fixppo download firmware under standard mode

Step 4: When the firmware is ready, you need to click “Start Standard Repair” to begin restoring your device. After that, your device will reboot and not show the guided access interface.

fixppo fixing ios issues

If you forgot the passcode, this is the best possible method to get your iPhone/iPad out of the guided access Mode immediately. What’s more, this tool has already been trusted by many media sites.

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If iPhone guided access is locked out, the very first thing you can do is to use the accessibility shortcut to get out of it.

Step 1: Triple-click on tap on the Home button. If you are using a new iOS device like iPhone 12 then you have to do it on the Side button.
Step 2: Then, the password screen will appear on the screen. Type the password that is used to lock the device in it Guided Access and you will be able to exit.

So, if the above method doesn’t work, the next thing you can do to fix iPhone-guided access is to restart the device. But it is possible you won’t be successful as functions are limited in guided access. So, your only way is to force restart the device. Here’s how to do it;

iPhone 6 and older and iPad

Step 1: Hold the Home and Power button together.
Step 2: Hold them, until the Apple Logo appears on the screen.

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Step 1: Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys at the same time.
Step 2: Now, just wait for the Apple logo to appear.

iPhone 8 and all the new iPhone models (iPhone 12 included)

Step 1: Quick tap the Volume Up and the Volume Down button.
Step 2: Then, tap and hold the Power button until you see the Apple Logo.

force-restart iphones

Now, these are the ways to force restart iOS devices. After it is complete you need to use the following steps to disable guided access:

Step 1: Open the iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and go to Settings.
Step 2: Tap on “General” followed by “Accessibility” and turn off guided access.

guided access off

If the issue hasn’t been fixed by this, you need to use the next method to solve it.

Another possible fix is using iCloud Lost Mode. It is a very different iCloud method than you are used to. So, follow the steps below,

Step 1: Use a computer to log in to your iCloud account from
Step 2: Click on “Find my iPhone” and find your device that’s stuck in guided access mode. Then activate the Lost Mode.

icloud lost mode

Step 3: The optional messages can be skipped, now your iPhone will be forced to go into the Lock Screen.
Step 4: Type your usual passcode and your device should get out of guided access.

Although the method is very unconventional it somehow works for users.

The Guided Access Mode limits the overall functions of the iOS device. So, if you get stuck in there it will be exceptionally difficult to get out of there. The article states 4 extraordinary ways to overcome the situation. They are all very effective and ensure the safety of your device and your files, among which iMyFone Fixppo trumps every other method for its efficiency and capability. If simple solutions don’t work, Fixppo is highly recommended. Here you can also check the users’ feedback.

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Getting your iPhone or iPad out of guided access mode can be challenging, but with the right tools and methods, it is possible. iMyFone Fixppo offers a reliable solution to fix iOS stuck issues and restore your device to normal. Additionally, using the accessibility shortcut or force restarting your device can also help resolve the problem. If all else fails, iCloud Lost Mode can be an unconventional but effective method to break free from guided access. Explore these options and choose the one that best suits your situation. Remember to stay informed and take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your device and data.