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Easily Change WiFi on Ring Doorbell + (3 Tips to Avoid)

A Ring doorbell is a useful security device that offers 24/7 video surveillance and can also be used for other home automation purposes. In this article, we’ll cover three ways to avoid having your smart devices act up when you’re trying to turn off the WiFi on your Ring Doorbell.

Ring Doorbell WiFi Network / Password Change

A WiFi connection is required to use Ring Doorbells and security cameras. If your home WiFi network or password changes, you’ll need to update your Ring Device’s settings. This article will show you how to update the WiFi network or password on your Ring doorbells and cameras to keep your devices up and running.

Change the WiFi settings on a Ring Doorbell or Camera

Changing the WiFi settings on your Ring camera or doorbell is straightforward. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

How to Change the WiFi Network of Your Ring Doorbell:

  • Go to your Ring App and choose “hamburger” from the menu (three lines stacked on top of each other).
  • Select “Devices” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose either a Ring Doorbell or a Ring Camera.
  • To access device settings, click the Gear Icon (with camera video display; otherwise skip to the next step).
  • Select “Device Health” from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Change WiFi Network.”
  • To reset the WiFi network, use the Ring app’s instructions. This should just take a minute or two.
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To make these modifications, your device must be connected to your existing WiFi network. You’ll need to reset the WiFi on your device in setup mode if you’re no longer connected to WiFi. If your Ring Doorbell isn’t connected and has to be reset, it will flash white.

How to Keep Your Ring Doorbell WiFi Network From Changing

It’s easy to change the WiFi on your Ring gadget, but it’s a pain. If your WiFi network’s SSID or password is safe, you should strive to avoid altering them if at all feasible.

WiFi Router (New)

The most typical reason for changing your WiFi SSID name or password is because you bought a new WiFi router or switched from WPA2 to WPS security. If your doorbell or camera is on the Ring list of devices that don’t support 5 GHz, make sure your new router supports 2.4 GHz.

When setting up your new router, a simple approach is to utilize the same WiFi name and password. All of your gadgets will be able to connect to the internet if you keep your previous WiFi name and password. Your Ring Doorbell and other Ring devices will instantly connect to your new network. You must modify the WiFi settings on each of these devices if you change your WiFi name or password.

Don’t make the switch from WPA to WPS security.

When setting up a new router, do not alter the security type from WPA2 to WPS. The WPS security type is an insecure technique of connecting to WiFi. If you update the security settings on your Ring Video Doorbell, you’ll need to reset the WiFi.

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Ring Chime Pro is a useful tool.

The Ring Chime Pro is an add-on for your Ring doorbell or camera that you may buy. The Ring Chime Pro boosts the signal to your Ring Doorbell or camera by extending your existing WiFi network. When someone rings your doorbell, it may also play a chime. Connecting the Ring Chime Pro is a straightforward procedure. Simply connect the device to a power source and pick the devices you wish to connect to in the Ring app.

Other Concerns

  • Is Ring compatible with WiFi networks that operate at 5 GHz?
  • Ring is compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks.
  • Is it possible to use Ring Doorbells and Cameras without WiFi?
  • What is the procedure for changing my Ring WiFi password?
  • Why isn’t my WiFi network shown in the Ring app?


Overall, changing the WiFi network on your Ring doorbell or camera is a straightforward operation. If you alter your WiFi name, password, SSID, or security type, ensure that each Ring device on your account in the app is updated as well. The easiest approach, though, is to follow the instructions above and save your old router’s WiFi name and password. This will keep each Ring gadget connected to the internet and eliminate many of these tasks.

If you have any further suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Ring doorbell to a new WIFI?
A: You need a new WIFI router that supports the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi frequency and then install it in your home with an Ethernet cable, or plug it directly into one of the available ports on your modem.

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How do I reset my ring doorbell with new WIFI?
A: The only way to reset the ring doorbell is with a hardwired connection and not using wifi.

How do I change my Ringbell WIFI without removing the doorbell?
A: The Ringbell WIFI is a doorbell and has no way to be removed. If you want to change the ringtone, call your Ring Bell support number at 1-800-636-3721.